Freedom Under Attack, Industry Fires Back!

guns SC Freedom under attack, Industry Fires Back!

Firearms manufacturers and suppliers are pushing back on the infringement of freedom. This is not a political ploy or a gimmick to increase sales; it is to save them from ultimate demise. They understand that their business depends on buyers, specifically private buyers. They are making the ultimate argument for the Second Amendment: if the people cannot possess the same weaponry as the government, tyranny will ensue. Some have vowed to cease sales to government agencies in states like New York, which just passed extreme restrictions on rifles and magazine capacities.

York Arms announced Thursday that it will cancel orders to any government or law enforcement agency inside New York State. York is located in Buxton Maine and is a manufacture of AR-15 rifle components and suppressors. A host of suppliers and manufacturers posted press releases on their web sites and Facebook pages indicating their new policy of not selling to law enforcement in states, cities, or government jurisdictions that have passed weapons or magazine restrictions, such as New York State.

Grass Roots North Carolina has joined in the fray supporting the manufacturers by posting the email addresses of government and law enforcement sales directors for Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Sig Sauer, encouraging its members to email the three handgun suppliers of the NYPD and ask them to implement similar policies.

The Colorado anti-gun Democrat-controlled House held a voice vote approving legislation to limit magazine capacity to 15 rounds. Town Hall reports that if the legislation passes next week, it could cost the state 600 manufacturing jobs. While some Democrats admit that magazine limitations will do little to stop gun violence, they are moving ahead with an official vote to make a statement. Magpul and Alfred Manufacturing have pledged to relocate if the bill becomes law.

Some of these manufacturers may not be far behind III ARMS’ concept of manufacturing communities in states that are more respectful of citizens’ rights. III Arms announced a few months ago that it was looking to build a walled community in Benewah County, Idaho to eventually house its manufacturing.

Suppliers and manufacturers understand where their bread is being buttered. They will be looking to exit states such as Colorado, California, and New York to name a few. Governments in Idaho, Texas, and Alaska should be sharpening their pencils in order to attract these companies and their jobs.

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