Lloyd Marcus: Free Man

lloydmarcus Lloyd Marcus: Free Man

I’ve followed Lloyd Marcus’ career for the past few years with great interest.

Whenever an American Black separates himself from suntanned socialism throttling our community, it’s worth noting.

He’s a speaker and troubadour spreading a conservative message far and wide. With a smile no less.

American Blacks need counterpoints like Lloyd Marcus as alternatives to incessant Marxist militancy-making them liberal budget items and headlines to extort more tax dollars from frightened stakeholders.

He grew up in the ubiquitous Hood. Unlike equally ubiquitous thugs I call chocolate Klansmen, he didn’t use this as an excuse to wage war on society.

Critics attack everything about this American brother: his tone, mannerisms company kept (the Tea Party Express) and positions supported.

I wonder why suntanned socialists want only one way of thinking, sounding, and being? Why does the mere sight of Lloyd Marcus drive them to apoplexy?


A Black community defining itself as individuals, instead of cogs in a collectivist machine, doesn’t so easily inhale the Demo-crack pipe.

A Black community more like Lloyd Marcus, Allen West, or even (now) Cornel West would have critically called Obama on many bluffs that went unchallenged these past two election cycles.

We can’t re-create African tribalism here in America- the results are too disastrous. Blindly following a chieftain in defiance of centuries of constitutional struggle is madness.

That’s why I took time today to write about this upbeat dissident in America’s Black body politic. His individualism offers an antidote to the Obama Zombie plague that has eaten most American Black minds it encounters.

Lloyd Marcus is a free man, at a time when numerous Americans resembling him (or not) rejected freedom for unquestioning obedience to a distant ruler.

How many more free men and women does America have left?


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