Video: Impeach Obama Protest In San Diego

An Impeach Obama protest was held on February 16, 2013 by Stop Obama Now and members of the San Diego Minutemen and local Tea Party groups…

3 comments to Video: Impeach Obama Protest In San Diego

  • Guest

    LOL…I love these guys. They give me hope that Sarah Palin will return with more vapid remarks, more stupid books, and more swindling of her mass of ignorant followers.

    • Ernesto Aguilar

      Above comments are just baseless difamations which are precisely one on the characteristics of this Administration, and its followers: False accusations to try to cover up, they hope, the complicity of this government with its progressive agenda. This "progressive" agenda is taking the USA back to the woods of a socialist society which has been a total disaster in every culture, country and time in history on which it was implemented. However it has given great power and control to the Dictator in Power, also in every case and country. The Obama election and re-election was possible for two reasons only: 1) Deepp historical ignorance of voters. 2) Complicity of the liberal Press to destroy this country, hiding at all costs the true personality and agenda of this president: A true leader of the Islamic-comunist alliance already in power in some Latin America and in the middle East.
      This President and all the people that are colaborating with him along with the Liberal Press destest the greatness of this country based on Judeo Christian principles, on family, the free enterprise system, respecct to private property and capital system.

  • Patty

    Wish I could have been there to help protest the illegal in the wh. Obama your piss— off alot of people and takilng away their guns is the only way you'll slow them down but, you won't stop them. Screw you OBUMMER.