Video: Obama Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States

On election day, we know there were major problems of voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama—voting machines, by the way, owned and operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel.

We know Obama suppressed the traditionally conservative military vote.

We know thousands of military absentee ballots were “lost”—in one case supposedly burned to a crisp in an airplane crash—although no one seems to know the details of which plane it was, where it crashed, whether anyone was killed, etc.

We know there were dozens of precincts across the United States where Obama received an “astronomical” amount of votes—99-100%. Or counties where there were reportedly more votes cast than the total of actual voters registered— St. Lucie County, Florida had a 141.1% turnout!

We know GOP polling inspectors were thrown out of democratically-controlled precincts in fourteen wards—just in Philadelphia. This was endlessly duplicated throughout the United States.

And we know Eric Holder’s shock troops, the New Black Panther Party, were out in full force doing what they do best—intimidating anyone not planning on voting multiple times for Barack Obama.

But this country, supposedly a nation of laws, under the corrupt Barack Obama Administration did nothing to prosecute the massive amount of voter fraud.

Until now.

Officials in Hamilton County, Ohio are mounting a massive voter fraud investigation, already issuing twenty-eight subpoenas, which is just scratching the surface of a massive Obama voter fraud operation. Dead people voting. Multiple votes by one person. Forged absentee ballots. Poll workers hiding ballots. Just to name a few of the irregularities.

The Obama fraud poster girl in Hamilton County is Melowese Richardson, alleged to have cast six votes for Barack Obama.

In true Barack Obama victimology fashion, she claims she filled out absentee ballots for her granddaughter, brother, and others because they needed “help” in voting—not to mention it being Barack Obama’s right to receive these votes.

This is only one small district in Ohio. We know the Obama campaign was engaged in massive voter fraud throughout the United States. Given that Obama squeaked by with barely two percent of the popular vote and that he was engaged in massive voter fraud, it is a foregone conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama did not win the election.

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  • upaces88

    I am glad that this is being exposed; HOWEVER, NOT ONE THING WILL BE DONE!!!

  • nik

    It starts here NOW with us for a successful campaign with prayers and contributions click on the link to the site to get the Journey started!
    God bless always

  • misty s.

    I agree wholeheartedly, the election was stolen. I have expressed this multiple times, emailed Republicans in the house and senate asking why there has been no investigation. I suggested that the electoral votes not be seeded untill this could be investigated and no one pays attention. In the meantime, Obama has been in office for his second term less than one month and is already attacking taxpayers, on his second vacation in a month, planning more executive orders, placing dispicable people in high ranking positions, trying to take away our first and second amendment righte, planning to indoctrinate our pre school children and the list goes on and on. I do not understand why nothing is being done. He is a man just like anyone else, accountable to the American people, not a king or dictator so why is everyone turning a blind eye to all of the unconstitutional things taking place. He should have impeachment proceedings brought against him now before he does even more damage to our country.

  • Greg

    There is no way this guy won without cheating. Who is in a meaningful position to see that he answers for this fraud?

  • MMR

    We have become a nation of idiots. No one will act to do anything about this. It is sickening and I would love for someone with courage to plead the case. Unfortunately, they will get where everyone else has gotten…nowhere…or thrown in jail.

    • upaces88

      No, MMR, we are not a Nation of Idiots. WE believe in OUR Country…No, allow me to re-phrase that.
      WE BELIEVED in a Country of Laws. We believed that if we didn't think a specific politician (make that plural) were doing their jobs, we voted them out.

      We ran out to vote a New President in….he won "again" by fraud. This time was even more massive than before. The man, Romney, who ran against him was either in on it; or too cowardly to demand an investigation.

      The new people we did put into office…were rolled over with a steam roller. They have been beating their heads against a brick wall.

      Obama has destroyed a Nation.

      It is deeply sad that he is forcing the nation to fight to get her back! He is PUSHING IT! And, it does look like that is where we are headed.

  • Guest

    LOL…well, Krissypoo, this latest steaming turd is really drawing the flies, isn't it. Your wingnut audience is up in arms over a "stolen" election, hammering their Red State Congressmen with letters and demands for attention on this most urgent new piece of crapola from you.

    Let's anticipate the effects of your work here, shall we?

    1. These morons will insist that Obama isn't legitimate, so they'll keep banging away on their Congressmen, bleeding time and money away from actual work.
    2. Many Reps and Senators will ignore this trash, so they'll be vulnerable to costly primary challenges from more Conservative candidates.
    3. Other Reps and Senators will actually pay attention to this trash, and they'll make asses of themselves on TV.
    4. The GOP will be damaged further in both cases, from the inside and the outside, and the Democrats will continue taking away your sane centrists and your educated voters.
    5. The GOP will be reduced to a fringe of trailer trash and morons like these, upaces, nik, misty…indeed, a nation of idiots.

    Thanks a million, Krisypoo. You're burning down the GOP from the inside.

    • jonodough

      the only steaming turd would be the one in the taxpayer paid expensive suits, $1000/hr golf lessons, million dollar hawaiian vacations…that turd that.. muslim turd. that piece of shiite liar, crook, criminal, disgusting traitor.

    • Edward Shick

      You should make a great snake in a wagon track where you can slide along your slimy way like the rest of the communists an Muslims

  • upaces88

    Awwww, I see we have Obama Paid Bloggers again. Yep, he is on the blogs with "his people."

  • cabincowboy

    So what and so what………… Much of this information has been available for over two years. Our republic has been reduced to another socialist failure. I don't know if real conservatives are inept, or just powerless. obama does as he pleases, spends as he pleases. Between the government and the media we are beng set up for the final failure of our country. Within the next four years I expect to see our economy collapse, a world currency, continued US military decline, progressive education further brainwashing the youth of America, and reduced buying power for the middle class. Many are complaining about last years election; what election? The entire process was a sham. If you look at the excuse we have for a government, our situation looks hopeless. Our govenment directed media, inept congress, and program dependent population will keep it that way until our country fails completely.

  • Paul454

    For those who love God and would pray that this country be a nation truly "under God", we must pray and pray now. I do not believe that this corruption will lift off by mere human efforts and protests. The Occupier of the Oval Office and his entourage have apparently planned for any contingency and have somehow intimidated the justices in various state and federal courts. Only God is invincible and able to take down such strongholds. May His Power be proved and praised once again!!!

  • Big Kahuna

    This is why in order to bring legitimacy and honesty to our Election there needs to be a Federal Requirement that in order to vote; a valid government issued Voter Photo Identification card must be presented and validated prior to entering the voting booth. The liberals always whine and say it disenfranchises minorities and the elderly which we all know is a bunch of BS. Everyone has a photo ID in fact to travel one needs to present a valid photo ID, in order to apply for welfare or to open a bank account a photo ID needs to be presented. When a police officer asks for identification one has to present a valid ID. The reason the usual liberal cast of clowns object to a valid photo voter ID card is that without massive voter fraud the left would never win an election. These phoney baloney's know it's true but when it's brought up just watch the Congressional Black Caucus feign outrage and they pull out the race card and the disenfranchisement script and the actors start their outcry on every Left Wing News Media outlet day in and day out. Then Eric Holder's New Black Panther sympathizer, Justice Department, sues those States who want to eliminate voter fraud and files injunctions to prevent or delay the State's actions to try and bring integrity to our Election Process. In stead of all the distractions thrown out by this Administration the silent majority needs to contact their legislators and demand a Federal Requirement for a Photo Voter Identification. It's time to put the cheaters on the defense………

  • jonodough

    there is only one way:

    we must ALL SAY NO!

    We outnumber them! if we don't do this, we are lost.

  • ssgrick

    Until the language of the voting law is changed so that when someone commits voter fraud they can't say "Well I had NO INTENTION TO DO ANYTHING WRONG" until that is changed no one committing voter fraud will ever be prosecuted. That voter law is the most ridiculously worded law that we have on the books.