Video: McCain Stunned By Border Rage At Town Hall

I’ll bet Mr. McCain wasn’t expecting this…

1 comment to Video: McCain Stunned By Border Rage At Town Hall

  • ItsJo

    McCain is a Rino, Career Politician who has COST the people of Arizona much. He has had over 37 years to do something about the "Illegal Invasion of their Borders, and DID NOTHING." HIS career came first, and he was FOR illegals, otherwise he'd have done something. But, to be honest, the FOOLS in Az. voted this RINO in again, so they deserve what they get. Sorry, but if Your politico does NOT do the job people expect of him….you DON'T KEEP HIM-You
    FIRE HIM. He has been "John McAmnesty" for a long time, and did nothing to stop this invasion, that at least Gov.Brewer
    had the guts to try, even got into Obama's face, when trying to protect her people. That's when John got a little on board, when Gov.Brewer "showed him up, as having more balz than he EVER did.

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