Video: Obama Supporters Accused Of Voter Fraud Testify In Ohio Hearing

Fox News has the story…

4 comments to Video: Obama Supporters Accused Of Voter Fraud Testify In Ohio Hearing

  • Dark_Archer

    what a bunch of lying , stupid dogs these commiecrat obama supporters are …. obama supporters are the scum of America

  • S Rubicon

    And so it goes. We hear national media types parroting the anti-voter ID line that there is NO voter fraud, yet evidence continues to be uncovered that in fact there is voter fraud & it may in fact be more rampant than many ever suspected. The same people who say "whats the big deal", are those who if a conservative is suspected of anything, their actions mean the end of the world for all. In states where voter-ID is thelaw, minorrity registrations are UP! So that excuse is being proven false by actual numbers. We know many use motor-voter to register & obtain absentee ballots. We know many Florida residents vote in Florida & their home states. We know many dead people are casting ballots. We also know that many military ballots to those serving overseas, were mailed out late, again. And if not returned on time, the votes were never counted. That may be as many as one million votes. Think a million votes may have changed electoral results? I do! Based on what we are learning now, I suspect many elections at the local, state, and national levels, are not representative of how the people actually voted or what they intended as the result of a free, fair, and legal election.

    • Watching and Waiting

      I agree with both of you.

      And in California, Dr. Taitz has found over
      half a million voters were not legally registered.

      Regarding the military ballots, some were
      lost, some were somehow dumped into the ocean,
      and others were mysteriously 'misplaced.'

      In Ohio, I think it was, in one town there
      were more votes cast than there were
      residents. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Dark Archer, I and millions of others agree.
      Do go to the Petition to Congress and
      read the comments there. It is up
      to 37,000 signatures, now.

  • Edward Shick

    I think there was more voter fraud on Voting machines that had been set up to record any vote as being for Obama ,, A lot of machines were rented from a company where one of the Owners was Chuck Hagel ,, who is at senate hearings as he wants to be Secy.of Defence but is all involved with Muslim orgenazations