Video: Obama Could Not Get Cleared For A CCW!

Yet he wants to know anything and everything about us; how nuts is all of this? Obama could not pass E-Verify to apply to work at the White House as a gardener, let alone the office of the president.

5 comments to Video: Obama Could Not Get Cleared For A CCW!

  • G Philip Brennan

    I truly think that before we start blaming polosi & congress we might consider blaming the American people who voted him into office in the first place, and reelected him.

    • Greg

      I agree with you, Mr. Brennan…..BUT….I didn't vote for him….am betting you didn't either. Do you know what else obummer cannot obtain? A valid state of Missouri driver's license. Mine will expire next month, and to get a renewal, even though I aready have a valid MO driver's license, I have to provide the license department with ALL 3 of the following: A valid social security card (not a copy of one), A valid long form birth certificate (again, no copies allowed) and a proof of address, such as a utility bill, bank statment mailed to me, etc…etc…etc…. So…..driving with a MO driver's license is harder to do than to become a communist, illegal alien muslim and sit in the oval office. Go figure?

    • Be careful who you call American people….Low-info voters elected and re-elected Oalien…They are NOT TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS…

  • Richard Sprowl

    I disagree Dan, before he could be put on the ballot to be voted on, he had to be vetted, he wasn't, properly. The blame starts with those people responsible with the vetting process.

  • LSB

    My question at this point in time is how do we get him out. Impeachment should have already occurred. Are we going to just allow a take-over of our Country? Nancy Pelosi and Obama should be tried for treason. Of course they are not the only ones, I could name a lot more that have committed TREASON against our Country nd the Constitution. Remember what Kruscheif (mispelled) said "We will destroy the United States of America through your own Constitution". And worse yet is we are allowing it.