Is Hillary The Best Or Worst Secretary Of State?

Hillary Clinton 5 SC Is Hillary The Best Or Worst Secretary Of State?

There’s a lot of spin going around the media circuit priming Hillary Clinton as the heir apparent to Barack Obama in 2016. Most liberal pundits ignore the obvious and bare facts, blindly declaring Hillary as one of the greatest Secretaries of State in history.

Sadly, nothing could be farther from the truth. If you measure success as a Secretary of State by miles traveled and pictures taken shaking hands with diplomats, then she’d win hands down. But those are not accomplishments, they are duties. Accomplishments are positive results from the tasks performed, of which there are few to list of any significance whatsoever. Nevertheless, all those photo shoots and fawning reporters will be sure to sway millions of brain-dead followers, facts be damned.

A book could be written about the failures of our state department during the last four years. For the sake of blog space, let’s keep it to a short bullet list:

* North Korea. No achievements there. The sabers are still rattling and that little regime remains one of the world’s greatest dangers.

* Iran. Closer to nuclear power than ever before and likely to be able to deliver a nuclear head toIsraelwithin the next year.

* Latin America. Brutal dictator and hater of America, Hugo Chavez garnered control and power over much of Central and South America.

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