America’s Number One Terrorist

Obama Feeds America SC Americas Number One Terrorist

My father served in the Korean War. And he served in the Vietnam war. His time in Vietnam overlapped with my first of two combat tours in Vietnam.

And when I came “home” after my last tour, I could not legally buy a beer or vote because I was not yet old enough.

And I could not get a “real” job because I was labelled as a “drug-crazed baby killer”. Someone interviewing me for a job actually asked me about how many babies I had killed. So I reenlisted in the military until such time as it was possible for me to slip back into the mainstream workforce unnoticed.

And I raised a family, started and ran my own business for a couple of decades, hired and fired people, and always tried to do “the right thing”… which had a tendency of getting me fired from time to time. But on the upside, that provided the incentive to start my own business.

And despite the way I and my brethren Vietnam Vets were treated, I have always insisted on flying the American Flag in front of my home.

And when I screwed up once again and dared to voice my strong support of our Constitution and began associating with others of a like mind (that would be Tea Party folks), my Vice President called me a “domestic terrorist.”

And now those “teaching” (indoctrinating?) our next generation of military leaders has listed the Tea Party as Domestic Terrorists (notice the promotion from lower case to capitalization – reflecting the perceived elevation of our potential threat to the status quo).

Many moons ago, I published an article entitled “I AM The Tea Party” in response to a question posed to me and in some part in response to being called a “Terrorist” by VP Joe Biden.

My father always told me that personal opinions are like rear ends: everybody has one; and in most cases, they stink. And with that bit of wisdom held close to my heart, name-calling has never been offensive to me. But being called a “terrorist” by the second most powerful “leader” in this nation gave me pause. So I looked up the word in the dictionary:

Terrorist: A person who terrorizes or frightens others.

I guess that I and other like-minded people truly do qualify as “terrorists” because we obviously frighten a great number of folks – the Elitists and Crony Capitalists in Washington and those who fear losing their free cell phones and other government handouts.

But try as we might, We The People are amateurs in the “Terrorism” business when compared to Barack Obama.

The non-stop mass media barrage being rained down on the American people by Barack Obama and his regime of terror has not been seen in the “civilized” world since the Blitzkrieg of WWII.

Blitzkrieg: Military maneuver that attempts to keep its enemy off-balance, making it difficult to respond effectively at any given point before the front has already moved on.

Sequestration: The Armageddon of Modern Times!


I am certainly no economist; just ask my wife.

But when we examine all the zeros in the amounts being discussed, the “sequestration” amounts to something not unlike a highly payed professional deciding not to have just one cup of Starbucks Coffee each month.

So far, Barack Obama and his regime of terrorists have identified a tremendous impact on our daily lives:

-Teachers will be laid off (a wishful idea not entirely without merit);
-Firefighters will be laid off, endangering lives;
-First Responders will be laid off, endangering lives;
-Hospitals will shut down, costing lives;
-Social Security will cease for seniors;
-Benefits will cease for our veterans;
-Police will be laid off, allowing crime to run rampant;
-Big Bird will starve to death!!

Mr. Obama and his terrorist regime depend heavily on the willful ignorance of the American people; and because of that, we are losing our country.

Some of us know that state and local taxes pay for our police departments, our fire departments, our teachers, and just about everything else Mr. Obama waves in front of the collective frightened sheep (aka his supporters.)

The rest of America typically just shake their heads and does and says nothing.

Besides not being an economist, neither am I a lawyer…BUT….

Article II, Section 4 of our Constitution cites: “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” as being just cause for impeachment.

Politicians can argue what constitutes “Treason”, although personally I would suggest that funding sworn enemies of our nation (The Muslim Brotherhood – “I will stand with my Muslim Brothers”) would be just cause for impeachment. But to us simple folks, my reasoning is much more simplistic…

It is illegal to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

It is a significant felony to call in a false bomb threat because it causes panic and a pointless redirection of resources; it is a form of terrorism.

Terrorist: A person who terrorizes or frightens others.

Mr. Obama is knowingly terrorizing this nation for political gain – plain and simple.

Either he knows that what he is saying is absolutely false, in which case he is guilty of first degree terrorism.

Or he truly does not know that what he is saying is NOT true, in which case he desperately needs to be impeached for first-degree stupidity.

Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

7 comments to America’s Number One Terrorist

  • Carol

    We know that this man hates ALL Americans no matter who they might be so NOTHING and I mean NOTHING he does surprises me and sadly that is a fact.

  • Dan Stewart

    This pos potus is the biggest threat to the US there has ever been. He surpasses hitler, stalin & tojo.

  • Edward Shick

    He even Lied about what his father did ,, Why do We have a liar as President , He was not born till 61 ,,,that might be alie also

  • bill


    • Skip

      His impeachment is long over due and probably will never happen because of all the TRAITORS we have in Congress!!

  • Scooby

    Your article was very well presented and I agree with your comments 100% Why do we have a felon as President? It has been proven time and time again by law officers and prominent citizens that this man has commited fraud a number of times. Why are so many blind? And why do so many say that the incriminating evidence is hogwash? This is folly and the ones who don't believe the evidence have been brain washed and brain dead for years.

  • Peter

    Our black muslim communist impostor; is beyond a doubt the worst thing that has ever happened to America; I thought Bill Clinton and his useless wife were bad; but they don't hold a candle to this incompetent criminal impostor who uses a fake birth certificate and a SS# from a state he has never lived in and E varify says is not valid to hold a jobe in America much less that of the President! Wake up america and insist on impeaching this useless person then make sure he and his wife end up in jail! We can then clean house in the democratic controlled senate and put those crooks in with the obamas! Three more years of this criminal and we will never recover!