Video: Beck: Obama ‘Is Trying To Send Us Into Civil War’

Glenn Beck says President Obama is trying to incite a civil war and that if any state goes into rebellion, he will just open up the federal prisons and let the prisoners free as retribution.

5 comments to Video: Beck: Obama ‘Is Trying To Send Us Into Civil War’

  • Carol

    He is so right and he has no idea what he is getting into NO IDEA at all.

    • Michael

      Its Sad that no one will admit publicly that this person has been conditioned/trained to DESTROY the USA.If those I had gotten in touch with trying to give them evidence that i was the Right hand man of JFK and THEN been able to tell them how much Disrespect I had for this person;they would have taken the TIME to prove my story so I could Change MILLIONS of people votes(by what I said).BUT;they refused to give me the TIME of Day(not even one second).
      SO; You get what you DESERVE.And that is EXACTLY what is Happening here.ITS very SAD.Everybody's the BIG man and FAILS to listen to the little Man when some of US are NOT so little

  • WildBill 446

    Obama is doing either one of two things if not both. First he is bankrupting the country so that it implodes on it's self and we are really in trouble. If any one dares raise hell and start to revolt He will put it down since he has his "private Army". You ever hear about this?. Then if we start revolting which will give him the excuse to declare "Martial Law". Remember he signed new laws giving himself total powers over everything in the event of Martial Law. Then as sneaky as he is he will change the government (throw out the Constitution install his own, it's already be made up. Thanks to the puppet master Geo. Soros' the Apollo Alliance who gave you the "Obama Care" package) to suit himself and declare himself "President for life" and become a "Dictator"
    I predicted this last year, I told Rush Limbaugh and my Congressman Ed Royce. I doubt if they listened to me. Why else is he "Spending" our money, he's not even worried about it. He does as he is told by his Master George Soros, who financially backed him.

  • Cliffhild

    —I'm convinced that Obama is a Muslim plant — the sites below, especially the extremely low bow he gave to King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who is the Guardian of the Holy Places of Islam, and also the article on 'taqqiya' which is lying on behalf of Islam:

    You're welcome to pass this on.