Video: Veteran Journalist Threatened By White House

Bob Woodward says he was told by a “very senior” White House official that he would regret his comments on the sequester being Obama’s idea.

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  • Tatersalad

    A third person has now just come forward also saying they were threatened by the White House:

    #1. Bob Woodward
    #2. Lanny Davis
    #3. Ron Fournier

  • Dan Stewart

    How long do let this pos potus get away with this stuff. Call in the military, I'm sure that 99% of the military would be very happen to do a binladden.

  • Ex-Army

    This is silly super-hype. Just for the record, the White House official told Mr. Woodward "I think you will regret staking out that claim" regarding Woodward's suggestion that Pres. Obama had "moved the goalposts". Hardly a threatening statement. In fact, in an email reply, Mr. Woodward said he "welcomed the advice". Now he's going on FOX and claiming how he's some poor victim of White House threats. It's a bunch of "pity me", phony-balony blather from a has-been writer!

    • Me_in_Canada_Eh

      If you said something about a person and they turned to you and said "I think you will regret that," what do you think they would mean? Don't you think they would mean that they would see to it that you would regret it?

    • Nellie

      Seriously, Ex-Army, do you really think that the "White House official" sent this message to Mr. Woodward as a thoughtful suggestion that he beware of his believes or what he says????? IT IS A THREAT in any way, shape or form. Receiving such notification can only mean that the actual source of the "threat" was much more deep rooted than one White House Official….hmmm…I wonder with whom and by whom this official was directed to get in touch with Mr. Woodward.

      • Ex-Army

        Yes, seriously. This does not even come close to a threat. In fact is that the email was written as a gracious apology to Woodward for words exhanged the day before. And Woodward answered with a cordial email himself, saying no apology was necessary! But of course, our right-wing nuts go bongers with this, feeding the paranoia of their fans and Mr. Woodward finds himself embarrassed by getting trapped by his own insinuations that are provably wrong by his own words.

  • Carol

    Sounds like a threat to me and he had better watch his back because some people have disappeared for a lot less.

  • Bloodless Coup

    You Must Watch This Video On The NDAA Lawsuit Media Blackout And Pass It On To Everyone You Know.