Video: Is Martial Law Coming?

When the Obama administration during its “War on Women” propaganda campaign was parading Sandra Fluke—the so-called “contraception girl”—on the red carpet leading to the White House, the Leftist blog Think Progress was leading the charge to take Obama’s Public Enemy Number One Rush Limbaugh off the air because of his Sandra Fluke “whore” comments.

Obama’s attack dog Media Matters then began literally feeding the mainstream media its talking points, all to ensure Obamacare would not be derailed by the “noise” of federal funding of contraception and abortifacients.

And of course, the third part of the unholy leftist trinity, the Center for American Progress, run by Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff John Podesta—considered the “brain” of the radical Left—was running the whole “War on Women” marionette show.

But behind the scenes of his marionette show, Podesta had bigger fish to fry.

Just off the heels of the debt ceiling crisis—part of the so-called sequestration debacle the Obama administration has been wringing their hands about lately—John Podesta was jumping for joy in the one hundred page position paper Rebalancing Our National Security. Written following the Obama-manufactured debt ceiling crisis, the paper touted the Budget Control Act of 2011’s gutting of the military to the tune of almost five hundred billion dollars over the next ten years, not the measly $86 billion sequestration cuts Obama has been wringing his hands about.

You can almost hear Podesta giggling in the background as he discusses how the military was being gutted:

The debate in Washington over security spending this year is being driven mostly by the Budget Control Act of 2011, the debt reduction deal that averted a government shutdown last summer. The law mandates about $1 trillion in cuts to federal government discretionary spending over 10 years beginning in fiscal year 2012, including $487 billion in Pentagon cuts…

…The “sequester” came in to play after Congress failed to reach an agreement on how to legislate the deficit reduction at the end of last year…The members of our Task Force agree with the near-universal consensus that sequestration is more about political maneuvering than sound budgeting practice. But we argue that the amount of cuts to the Pentagon budget mandated by both parts of the debt deal is readily achievable with no sacrifice to our security—if the cuts are done in a thoughtful manner over the next decade. We also agree that some of those savings in the U.S. defense budget should be redeployed to other parts of the federal government, specifically to those non-military programs that help our nation defend the homeland and prevent global crises from escalating into military confrontations…

Where should the gutted defense budget be “redeployed” to per Podesta? Not the $500 billion as proposed, but his call for one trillion dollars in cuts? Being a globalist, as expected, redistribution of wealth to the global community, with the United Nations no doubt holding the purse strings:

Our Task Force plan outlines an alternative trajectory for spending on offense and prevention that would achieve the benchmark of $1 trillion in military cuts over 10 years. This framework provides $123 billion for international affairs over 10 years. It would increase spending on diplomacy during this period by 28 percent more than the president’s request, and increase spending on development and humanitarian assistance by 40 percent.

It is clear then, looking at the one trillion dollars in cuts over the next ten years, that these so-called “draconian” $86 billion sequestration cuts are simply a sham.

There are four things that are apparent from the Obama administration’s antics and its partner in crime, Center for American Progress:

1. During the debt ceiling crisis, Obama knew the “super committee” would fail and the sequestration deal would go forward.

2. Obama knew the $86 billion sequestration cuts were just a drop in the bucket to the real cuts that were mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

3.Obama knew that the Republican Congress would not table the sequestration, and it would go forward.

4. Obama planned on hyping up the sequestration cuts, blaming the Republicans with his allies in the mainstream media, with the goal of retaking the House of Representatives in 2014.

With Obama controlling both the House and Senate in 2014, this would allow the gutting of the military to go through. This would allow Obama to push any agenda through Congress, no matter how radical—including gutting the Second Amendment—thus allowing him to complete his “fundamental transformation” of America—that is, a Marxist utopia.

But America won’t go willingly. Obama would have to orchestrate the mother of all of his orchestrated crises.

Enter George Soros, who just happens to fund the leftist unholy trinity Think Progress, Media Matters, and Center for American Progress.

Soros also just happens to be a felon, convicted of insider trading. Soros, dubbed “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England,” funneled hundreds of millions of dollars out of the British economy with the collapse of the British pound and is now trying make money with the collapse the Euro.

And of course, Soros is a fixture at the White House.

But Obama and George Soros are after bigger fish than collapsing currencies.

The stock market in recent days has been at record levels. Many have predicted a stock market crash—losing up to 90% of its value—although those on the hard Left, especially our friend George Soros, won’t say it openly.

Soros has dumped most of his stock in the banking industry and is stockpiling a massive amount of gold. Soros has a secret that he is keeping wraps on: If the stock market crashes, the economy itself will collapse.

With unemployment at high levels, with an unsustainable welfare state pushed to its limits, and with our national debt approaching seventeen trillion, a stock market crash would make the crash of 1929 look like child’s play.

It would collapse our economy in a matter of days, if not hours.

What would occur if the economy collapses?

Food and water shortages. Civil disorder. Riots.

And of course, a call for martial law.

And the Obama administration knows this—“coincidentally” signing an executive order last year that gives Obama dictatorial power in the event of a “national emergency.”

Is this why the Obama administration has stockpiled two billion rounds of ammunition?

Is this why the Obama administration has been frantically trying to ban assault weapons while quietly stockpiling the same weapons?

Is this why the Obama administration has been stockpiling light armored tanks?

Is this why the Obama administration has ordered a fleet of “public safety” drones, able to pick up cell phone traffic, able to identify whether the target—that is, an American citizen—is armed or not—with the ability to be easily outfitted with missiles?

Is this why the Obama administration has drafted a secret memo that gives Obama the authority to execute a drone strike on any U.S. citizen, at any time, anywhere, without proof, without due process, accountable to no one?

And of course, Eric Holder this week finally admitted that yes, Obama can murder an American citizen on American soil with a drone—in “extraordinary circumstances.”

“Extraordinary circumstances” would be American citizens who are against Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America.

Here’s the possible worst case scenario: Obama successfully spins the sequestration “draconian” cuts as being the fault of the Republicans and takes back the House of Representatives in 2014. This allows him to push anything through, including gutting the military, expanding the welfare state, placing America under an increased surveillance nanny state with drones keeping track of everyone’s movements, and ticking up the national debt to an unsustainable level—nearing $20 trillion.

Then Obama, Soros, and the gaggle of leftist globalist pull some type of monetary switch to crash the U.S. stock market. Our economy then implodes in a matter of days, if not hours; and Obama, with his martial law executive order in hand steps up to his teleprompter and beams to every home in America his call for “temporary” martial law.

During this period of martial law, Obama would specifically target those “clinging to their guns and religion”—that is, conservatives—confiscating guns and using drones to spy on and kill the “domestic terrorists.”

When the “national emergency” was over, Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America would be complete, with a Marxist utopia safely in place.

Is this all a conspiracy theory? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

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  • Guest

    What a laughable little rodent you are, Krissypoo. Here is yer another weak, feeble attempt to fearmonger, ending in yet another Kris Zane p^ssy ending.

    Is this all a conspiracy theory? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

    What pure bullshIt you sell. You lie, wheedle, hint, and then it's "Is this all a conspiracy theory? Perhaps. Perhaps not."

    F*cking candy @ss.

    • ItsJo

      YOU, are the phucking candy ass, who trolls here with your 'poo' nonsense and are probably paid by this regime to spend your days doing this crap. You are another "Obama bootlicker, who would DENY Obama is planning anything against "Arrogant(HIS WORDS) America" since you are such a devout follower of the One, EVEN as he has Holder lying about the latest Drones they would Love to use for their "American Spring" as they did for the Arab Spring they instigated, which brought about Obama's 'Muslim Brotherhood-putting it in place as HE planned. You are one stupid MFer…so phuck off, or go back to your Mom's cellar and Ja** Off Idiot.

      • Guest

        Hey Jo…better feed the parking meter. They're towing your house away.

      • Jeanette

        There is some question as to whether liberal trolls are paid per response. I avoid answering the trolls in case that is true.

        If it isn't true, you are still wasting your time. I believe most liberals would support Obama, even if they caught him in the act of murdering their own children.

    • Missneliie

      Typically rhetoric from an ignorant, blowhard, living off of others, filthy mouthed, dirt monger of a human being. You must sit in wait for a valid possible opinion on what the future to hold for our country. When someone attacks such as you have with a mouth such as you only reveals a low class, dirt eating piece of trash. If you could relate your opinions in decent English then you just might be able to get a point across. You are actually making a fool of yourself. Carry on!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes one wonder what mask you are hiding behind.

      • Guest

        I laugh at people like you. Morons, bigots…yes, that's obvious. But you just don't get that you're obsolete. Even the Republicans are abandoning you. You're an embarrassment. Intellectual trash like ItsJo…hey sweetie, how' it feel to watch your GOP leaders having an amicable dinner with Obama? You hate his guts and they're breaking bred with him. And Missnellie dear, you can sling your filth all you like, but I can promise you, you on your best day don't have an ounce of the breeding and education I take for granted.

  • Dan Stewart

    I don't think it's a theory, more like a plan hatched by the pos illegal potus & the traitor to the human race georgie soreass. Why else would the dhs buy 2400 armored security vehicles & billions of rounds of hollow point ammo except to kill americans. You idiots with your head up obummers rear end will get your rear end shot off when he declares martial law.

    • ItsJo

      Don't expect that Guest to answer AnY of your questions, he/she or both, are only here to demean those who don't follow Obama's Dictatorship, like shim. I too, will ignore that GuestyPoo, as it's Not really worth answering an idiot.

      • Guest

        LOL…I'm really getting under your skin there, ItsJo…not that I like being that close. Bathe a little more often, dear.

  • RRY

    Why are there foreign soldiers with foreign tanks in the KY mountains? Why are many of our National Parks now controlled by the UN?