Media Silence On Race Makes Things Worse

Race Card SC Media silence on race makes things worse

Photo credit: wstera2 (Creative Commons)

Since America is more than seventy percent White, an honest media would present lots of stories about minorities, especially Blacks victimizing Whites even as they demand more money from them; but of course they don’t. The media doesn’t concern itself with the truth about Black on White crime. It has become virtually axiomatic that stories about violent crimes omit the race of the perpetrator even when it is known and would be helpful in capturing him.

While statistics about Black on White crime tell the worst of the story, most Whites have instinctively learned to stay off their town’s “Martin Luther King Boulevard” for their own safety. Nevertheless, that strategy has its limitations. Large cities have seen their centers became minority enclaves and it is woe to those Whites who innocently and/or naively wander into such areas even during daylight.

A recent “Philly” magazine article talks about the dangers Whites face by merely attempting to conduct everyday business in Philadelphia.

The author found foreigners willing to speak freely about their observations of Blacks. A Russian student described Black rudeness and lack of ambition; a Panamanian talked about the “moral poverty” of the Blacks she met. Because neither grew up being intimidated into silence by America’s political correctness enforced by our media, they had no hesitation to speak freely of their observations of Blacks.

Native born Whites who would comment expressed an “I should have known better” attitude about being the victim of Black on White crime.

A White man told of being beaten and robbed but happy to get his wallet back. He described his attackers as Black, but quickly added “Not that that matters.”

Another White man acknowledges he has grown to accept being offered drugs from 12 year old Black boys because they are “just trying to make some money.”

An 87 year old White man rattled off a list of crimes from petty thefts to a mugging committed against him by Blacks. He is resigned to the reality that things will never improve within his lifetime.

While most of these crimes are admittedly minor and uncomfortable in nature, if we are ever to improve race relations in our country we must begin by demanding an end to incivility and petty crimes perpetrated by Blacks. Serious crimes are always committed by those who have started from the bottom. How this can happen is a mystery because of a duplicitous media bent on papering over the truth to make itself feel better. Not talking about it makes things worse.

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