Video: Why Are We Training Russian Troops In The US?

Are America’s treasured National Parks being co-opted by the New World Order under the guise of designating them World Heritage Sites, thus allowing foreign troops and United Nations agencies to take over our country in a soft coup d’etat? A blogger has photographed heavily equipped armored vehicles carrying the “Special Response Team” logo in and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Heritage site in Gatlinburg, TN. (1) ”It is a deadly serious piece of equipment never before used inside the US until now,” says the blogger “Sherrie” who then adds, “The vehicles don’t come more heavily armored.”

Sherrie has put up several pictures of these in-country tanks which she said she saw on and near Interstate 75 when she was traveling back roads near Winchester, Richmond, KY, and lists Rt. # 627 as an area of interest. “This spot is (around) the US Army Chemical Depot” which covers 14,000 acres in Kentucky backwoods,” the blogger says on the video which the Liberty web site is putting up for general viewing. She mentions chemical weapons involving 523 tons of nerve agents and shows aerial photography of train tracks going up to several buildings in this compound! “I’m not sure what they are,” she says, positing the notion of a possible FEMA camp in the Kentucky woods.

Now in addition to sighting of MRAP vehicles, “Sherrie” tells readers that “Russians were stopping and questioning people in the Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountain Parks region.” She quotes a high ranking individual in a local area state militia organization who she says she trusts as being truthful. The scenario developed when these apparently foreign troops wearing DHS uniforms with the Eagle insignia tried to enter Tennessee from Kentucky. “They were NOT Americans. . .appeared to be Russian or Eastern European!”

The Tennessee State Guard is being formulated as part of the 22 state Governors’ Militia Organization of volunteers which answers only to the Governors, not to the Federal government. (2) What has developed is the confiscation of equipment belong to National Guard Units nationwide. Trucks and other equipment sent to Iraq are not being replaced or returned to the states by the federal government because it is “too expensive” to transport the vehicles and equipment back into the country. This has prompted 22 governors to form State Militia Units paid for by the states and thus kept out of the reach of the federal government. (2)

Has the Division of Homeland Security partnered with the United Nations One World military apparatus with a sleight of hand operation known as World Heritage Site designation? The observant blogger lists these US treasures also as being so designated: Statue of Liberty, Everglades, Mammoth Cave, Yellowstone, Yosemite, all former National Parks. Folks, this designation and UN involvement coincides with the ten region DHS map of the United States! Has this under-the-radar give away of America already taken place, thus allowing the constitutionally prohibited onus of foreign troops being stationed on American soil? What is your Congress doing about this?

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  • Carol

    Does this surprise me NOT in the least!!!

  • Dan Stewart

    Why, because the pos commie muslim illegal potus has realized that American troops will not fire on fellow Americans & his civilian army, tsa, dhs etc are hopeless. I think if he attempts to take over, not only will 300 million guns be pointed at him, but the US army, navy, air force will be on the peoples side.

    • dan your dreaming americas military was given to the un,a long time ago,and they won't think twice about firing on their own family…………

  • Don Boyer

    Maybe we are training Russian soldiers because Obama can't find enoigh American GIs to kill Americans!!!

  • WildBill 446

    Here it is, it's coming. I expect something to happen within the next two years. Notice there is no mention of this in the news Media much less the "Marxist Muslim President".
    As I have said before this country is DONE! as long as Obama is the clown in charge.

  • Seryus

    Be careful folks…I understand the Russian troops weren’t trained by U.S. troops, they were training WITH U.S. troops…BIG difference there! We have also seen Polish troops involved in “training drills.” Perhaps the Admin suspects there will be a lot of U.S. soldiers going AWOL when the SHTF.

    There are many, many of the same mindset…perhaps more than anyone thought. Find them, partner with them, there is strength in numbers.

  • maddie

    Those sites were all declared World Heritage Sites over 25 years ago. This is nothing recent, and yes, the UN is involved because of the designation.

  • Mike

    Why isn’t anyone screaming to try him and his administration for downright TREASON? We are at war and he is undermining our country!

    • SUSANM


  • Eddie S.

    Just a comment. When I was in basic training at Ft. Knox, KY in 1970, there were German, British and other nationality troops training with U.S. troops there. In fact, under the supervision of U.S. drill sgts., we even had a German NCO handle some of our training. That was 43 years ago!

    • yea eddie,it was really a waste of time to give these traitors an oath of office ,cause the ..monroe doctrine,.. forbids any foreign military forces from setting foot on dry land in the western hemisphere,and they don't care,treason is fun to them,so when all these foreign military are killing americans,remember you were warned ahead of time…………..

  • wonder why obama wants america disarmed,so his russian buddies can take down america,and they will,the gun grabbers will all take the mark of the beast and help kill anyone who refuses it,then they to will be put to death in the fema death camps,america the land of fruits and nuts…………………………………

  • frank

    Ammo oprdered by the billions of rounds do not fit US made guns but they do fit russian ones…go figure…..

    • Peaches

      Hmmnn……….There is an upside to this if we are actually physically fit….and prepared mentally spiritually and physically…the herd of parasitic blood sucking ticks will be finally chased underground with the worms where they belong.

  • Forest Gump

    "What is your Congress doing about this?"

    Wail, ya see, Congress don't know nuthin' 'bout it. My Momma said life is like a box of Russian chocolates. Ya never know huh-which one ya gonna shoot first.

  • jay

    there are russian homland security troops stationed in land between the lakes in western ky