Video: Why Obama Won’t Leave The White House

What do we know about Obama, other than that he is a 100% narcissist?

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  • Elaine

    I have been saying the same thing for over two years.
    I had a little hope when Bachman and Gingrich got into the race because they both stood up and voiced very loudly to “Ban Sharia Law”; and to stop the Muslim Infiltration in D.C.
    I didn’t hold out much hope for Romney because he wanted the U.S. Tax $ to pay for an Islamist Charter School.
    Our Country has been hi-jacked.

  • roymcdade

    Elaine, It is worse than hijacked, It literally has been STOLEN with Fraud, Deception and Voter Fraud. Soetero will Not be the person to decide whether he stays in office, the decision will solely be up to his Handlers who tell him what to say and do.. The question is whether or not soetero will still be of USE to these HANDLERS….

  • Elaine

    Saw an article today that Hillary’s name has been thrown in the hat for running in 2016. She IS as devious as he is.

  • Wildbill446

    I have been saying this for some time. Obama is going to get a third and maybe a forth term. This man and his “Caretakers” will try very hard to do just that. If you want to know who his Caretakers are just follow the money. First one on the list George Soros, not quite sure, but I know there are several others.
    As for Hillary, Elaine you are so very correct. She is extremely devious and has over 172 (At last count) skeletons in her closet. She may be a smart woman but self serving.

  • dh

    Obama already said he would put his wife in office if he couldn’t change the constitution allowing him to run again. Michelle will never give up her queen lifestyle. Obama already got into office by fraud vote only in the last election. Just like the blacks did in Africa when they took power, they ran everything into the ground and will never leave office. Just like some mayors in the US have done when the were voted out of office then refused to leave, Obama will follow their lead. There is only one reason why Obama gave himself the power to impose martial law without any reason and in peace time, to remain in office, FULFILLING HIS DREAM AS KING, moving on towards one world Muslim government with himself as world ruler. There is no doubt that had Obama lost the last election he would have invoked martial law, stopping the entire election process, giving the democrats the wish they had already asked for; NO ELECTION! The results will surely result in a civil war!

  • Wildbill446

    One thing else. Michelle would give Barry a hard time, she doesn’t want to lose her “Free Vacations”

  • Elaine

    Wildbill, you are right…and that is so pitiful, isn’t it!