Muslim Sympathizer, Terrorism Enabler, And Yes…Traitor

Obama for treason 225x300 Muslim Sympathizer, Terrorism Enabler, and yes...Traitor

At first take it sounds so incredibly ridiculous as to be unworthy of serious consideration, but the more you look into the matter, the more the conclusion becomes inescapable: Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who enables terrorism, aiding our enemies, and thus, he is worthy to be charged with treason.

In the beginning we should have read the signs: from the apology tour to bowing before the Saudi king, to the declarations in Cairo and refusing to directly reference a “war on terror,” this man has demonstrated preference for America’s enemies, denigrating the U.S. and her allies at every turn.   The heart of Obama is measured in the words of his pastor for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, who proclaimed:  “God Damn America.”

Obama has orchestrated the leaking of classified information to hurt our country and help our enemies, making himself look good to retain power and forward the agenda: knock down American interests to build up global government.

Obama left Iraq prematurely and we see the resulting destruction: a country once poised to be a beacon of freedom in the Middle East, now a nexus of terrorism, a vassal of Iran.  Telegraphing the end game, Obama has handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban and al Qaeda.  Pouring weapons into Syria, he helps Jihad annihilate Christians, arming thugs who now murder women and children with great efficiency.   These are not accidental failures.  They are purposeful, calculated developments designed to shame the U.S., and forward the cause of Sharia in the world.

Obama just released $500 million to Hamas, a terrorist organization whose mission statement is the annihilation of Israel, a group thoroughly coordinating with Iran.  That’s on top of $147 million he sent to Hamas last year.

Obama overthrew Mubarak in Egypt, unleashing violence, death and turmoil in that country for the last two years. Then he armed the Muslim Brotherhood, embraced their members, and appointed them to positions of authority in our own government.

Do we even have to mention Benghazi?  And now the embassy retreat throughout the Arab world, showing cowardice and weakness, once again.

Add all this to the increase in attacks on the homeland, negligence in securing our borders, increases in homegrown terrorism, and efforts to promote Sharia in America, and the unbelievable becomes the unavoidable reality: the President of the United States is the enemy of the United States.

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5 comments to Muslim Sympathizer, Terrorism Enabler, And Yes…Traitor

  • Elaine

    ….And, Yet, he is still in the WH.

  • Guest

    Elaine, sweetheart, it isn’t just Obama in the White House. It’s sanity. The ignorant Right will never see the inside of it again.

    • Elaine

      Have you ever been in the right place at “just the right time” to over-hear something or learn something you had wondered about? I had an experience that let me know at some a little of what is going on in D.C.

      Two winters ago, my daughter moved in unexpectedly. I had “no $ left” to buy groceries for another person. So, I took some items (gold and silver flatware) to my local pawnshop. By the way? I live in Texas…..Anyway, I was standing in line chatting with Tommy, The owner. teasing him about the number of gun sales since Obama got into office.

      There was a man standing in front of me. He was in a business suit (which was strange on a Saturday in a pawn shop). He was about my height, 5’3″ tall. He whipped around and our noses were about 12 inches apart. His eyes became enlarged. He turned totally white when he said, “I worked for him. I quit! You don’t know who this man is!!”

      HE RAN out of the shop without finishing his business.

  • Wildbill446

    Hey Guest, how’s that “hope and change working out for you”? still working? eating good?Still have a home that’s yours? It gets me how you clowns with those “High IQ’s, what is it in the high 30’s, typical lap dog.

  • Wildbill446

    Guest, I suggest you had better start learning to read, write and speak Arabic. Because if Obama continues doing what he id=s doing we will be over come or even dead when they take over. One phrase you can start to learn is “Allah Akbar” look it up.