Social Media Post About Islam Might Cost Man His Job

IslamWillDominateWhiteHouse Social media post about Islam might cost man his job

An employee of the Palm Beach, Florida Public Affairs office finds himself the target of the local Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter after he posted a criticism of Islam to his personal Facebook page.

According to reports, John Jamason posted the following: “Never forget. There is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Auran is a book that preaches hate.”

While obviously not an endorsement of the religion, Jamason’s is not at all an unusual view in light of the violent actions of jihadists across the globe. In any case, his right to express his opinion should be protected.

Instead, CAIR coerced his employer to relinquish any and all activity from Jamason’s work computer during the past month. Furthermore, the group demanded two months worth of emails he either sent to or received from any Muslim individual or group.

County Administrator Bob Weisman was more than accommodating, declaring that he would have immediately handed Jamason a pink slip if he had been hired as an at-will employee.

Somehow, Weisman can justify his opinion in spite of his assertion that personal posts on social media “are protected by the U.S. Constitution and relevant law.”

When it comes to trashing Christianity, no attack is taboo. The notoriously thin-skinned CAIR, however, has shown its willingness to spring into action at the slightest provocation.

If Muslims genuinely wish to integrate into American society, they must be willing to abide by our cornerstone right to free speech.

There is no evidence to suggest that significant numbers of Christians and Jews react with such hostility when their faith is denunciated. Otherwise, there would be no time for anything else.


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