Barack Will Spend $12 Million To Scam Americans, But He Sure As Hell Won’t Listen To Them

FDR Obama Depression Express Spend SC Barack will spend $12 million to scam Americans, but he sure as Hell won’t listen to them

When ObamaCare was finally shoved through the United States Senate and down the people’s collective throat, Democrats were certain their Affordable Care Act (ACA) would be so well received that politicians in Red and Blue states alike would race to invest the sums needed to peddle the Act’s products. So confidant was Congress in fact, that no provision was made for the federal funding of ObamaCare exchanges (sales centers) should the odd state refuse to make the necessary investment and force the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to foot the bill.

Well, it’s 3 years later, and 33 states have refused to put up the money for an ObamaCare exchange within their borders. As a result, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been shaking down for multi-million dollar “donations” the very insurance companies she will soon regulate as ObamaCare policy providers. As one might expect, this extraordinary (though typical) abuse of power on the part of an Obama minion is being investigated by House Republicans.

At the same time, 2 lawsuits concerning the subsidies ObamaCare offers to qualified individuals who enroll for healthcare in state-funded exchanges are making their way through federal courts. The Affordable Care Act makes it clear that only STATE-funded exchanges may offer these subsidies. That means that residents in 33 States will NOT qualify to receive any of this subsidized premium assistance as the federal government will be building these exchanges, NOT the states!

At the beginning of the year, however,  the IRS stepped in, claiming that it had the authority to provide these important subsidies even from federally-funded exchanges. In short, a federal bureaucracy decided that it could rewrite the law! But that is not constitutional, and the 2 pending lawsuits in Oklahoma and Washington, DC make that clear.

Of course, the more recent problems of ObamaCare are well known: the employer mandate “delay” authorized by Obama, and the “honor system” scheme that must serve in the mandate’s stead and delays in building the exchanges themselves–delays that have forced the Obama Regime to go with a “mass marketing” approach until the federally funded exchanges come online in a year or two.

These are just a FEW of the problems with ObamaCare, some of which could result in legal disasters that might derail the Affordable Care Act completely should an honest judge be found in the US. And what is Barack Obama’s solution, apart from his unconstitutional rewrites of the law? Why, to spend 12 million tax dollars in order to convince Americans in those annoying Red states that all is well.

Because that is the bottom line for Barack. It was never of any real interest to the left whether the American people liked or supported ObamaCare. The Democrat Party was about to vote itself the power of life and death over 300 million people. THAT’S what was important.

And now it only matters to get enough foolish people to enroll in this bogus “healthcare” plan. Do that, and already cowardly Republicans will be too frightened to defund the Act.

Fewer than 40% of Americans currently support ObamaCare. But Barack has no intention of listening to the 60% who don’t. He’ll spend this $12 million, then another, and another in hopes of selling the American people something they don’t want. After all, once he has convinced them of how wrong they are about what is best for them, ObamaCare will be guaranteed to work like a charm!


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  • Guest

    It is a privilege being alive in America now to watch Conservatism finally and irretrievably collapse in the trash where it belongs.

  • Wildbill446

    This idiot (guest)has it wrong. It’s not only Conservatism but the stupidity of Liberalism as well that will go down the tubes as will the rest of the Country. The watch his highness King Barry rear his ugly homosexual head and declare him self the “All Mighty”