Video: Obama: ‘No Serious Evidence ObamaCare Will Hurt The Economy’

Besides the fact that most Americans do not like, nor want, ObamaCare, our Snake Oil Salesman-In-Chief continues to sell it to us. Today, Obama’s new sales pitch is that there’s “no serious evidence it will hurt the economy”. Clearly, Obama doesn’t understand economics.

6 comments to Video: Obama: ‘No Serious Evidence ObamaCare Will Hurt The Economy’

  • Wildbill446

    It amazes me how this man can lie with a straight face and not crack a smile knowing he’s lying. Look at the people he surrounds himself with. They all have a scared look, they too know he’s lying. Boy I used think LbJ was a big liar, Obama has him beat hands down.

  • william

    Must’ve been a lying DEMOCRAP with cranial rectal infusion syndrom

  • Big Bear

    The uninformed believe everything that comes out Obama’s mouth. Obama’s strength is based on the ignorance of those who don’t want the participate nor take responsible for themselves.

  • bo, I think you forgot to say what universe your talking about.

  • JOM

    There is “no serious evidence” that this clown was qualified to be elected President, but it happened. And it happened again, after 4 years of demonstrated incompetence.

    The great majority of competent voters is asleep at the switch. When you add in the “victims” who benefit from all of the giveaways, you have a very dangerous situation for the future of Anerica.

    It’s unbelievable that this lying fool is in office. It would be funny if it was not so serious.

  • bob

    Obama was adversely affecting the economy before he was elected. The people with the money saw the polls back in the fall of 2008. They knew he was likely to win, they knew who and what he was, they knew what he was going to do to the country if and when he won, and they were scared then.

    Part of the recession that was starting back in the end of 2008 was because of fear of the coming obama reign of terror.

    Obamacare is bad for doctors, bad for patients, bad for jobs, bad for the economy, bad for America. But I tell you that you must not forget that Obama is bad for America and bad for the world. If we had to pick one single thing that is the worst single thing in the world, the one single root cause for problems in the world right now, that would be Obama.

    Obama is the stone in your shoe. Obama is the nail in your tire. Obama is the leak in your roof. Obama is the guy who mugged you the last time you were in the big city. Obama is the fine print on the contract you signed that screwed you over.

    Obama is the neighbor who trains his dog to crap in your yard. Obama is the hog farmer who spreads thirty thousand gallons of feces on their field upwind from you the day of your outdoor wedding.

    Obama is the boss who fires you and hires his moronic brother-in-law in your place. Obama is distracted driver who rear-ends you on the highway causing you to have whiplash. Obama is the pimply faced teenage punk who gets your daughter pregnant at 16. Obama is the banana republic dictator who takes foreign aid money and uses it to build himself a mansion.

    Obama is the snake who bites your horse. Obama is the cold virus that makes your nose runny. Obama is the bacteria in the bad takeout you had last night that made you throw up.

    Obama is the bed bug in your mattress. Obama is the flea on your dog. Obama is the lice on your kids hair. Obama is the rust on your car. Obama is the grub in your yard and the mole that tears your yard up. Obama is the skunk that sprayed you when you took the trash out last night.

    Obama is the drug dealer that got your kid hooked on meth. Obama is the drug user who robbed your house trying to get drug money.

    Obama is the tornado that rips through the trailer park. Obama is the hurricane that destroyed a coastal town. Obama is the evil banker that forecloses on your grandmother’s house and kicks her out onto the street.