Video: Obama Planning Civil War Against Conservatives

Barack Hussein Obama shut out our own veterans—many of them war heroes—from their own war memorials, while opening up the same memorials to illegals and socialists. He has sent out thousands of letters to veterans mandating that they turn in their weapons and ammunition if the VA terms them “incompetent.” Obama has deemed the Tea Party and conservatives—anyone who doesn’t go along with his big government policies—as “domestic terrorists.” These “domestic terrorists” under the NDAA can be imprisoned indefinitely without due process. He has directed the military to deem all Christians as part of “domestic hate groups.” He has fought tooth and nail to disarm these “domestic terrorists”—conservatives—of their guns, while at the same time buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, thousands of assault weapons, and a trainload of armored vehicles and light-armored tanks.

As shocking as it sounds, the only logical explanation for these series of events is that Barack Hussein Obama is planning a war—an actual Civil War—between a totalitarian regime and veterans, conservatives, and Christians.

If that is the case, the imminent collapsing economy that Obama is pushing us towards—with an unprecedented $17 trillion debt—is only one part of a sinister plan to get rid of his enemies once and for all.

4 comments to Video: Obama Planning Civil War Against Conservatives

  • Guest

    Nobody needs to mount a war against you morons. You shoot yourselves in the foot all by yourselves.

    Tell me Krissypoo, how come this impeachment you insist is imminent hasn’t happened yet?

  • wildbill446

    I knew this was coming, I have been telling everyone for the past two years. Why did he have to have his “Private Army” that is only answerable to him? Notice he has been infiltrating the Government with “Radicals” and foreigners. He needs to have this rebellion before his term in office is up. Look at what he is doing, the churches, the schools, the Military, the Veterans. I see it doesn’t anyone else see it?
    Don’t pay any attention to that idiot “Guest” he only wants attention. You his IQ is around 20.

  • jrr

    Guest is probably paid to place these posts. Alligator-supporters always believe that the alligator will not eat them.

    He/she will regret it when the alligator turns on him/her and family.

  • “Guest” is definitely and paid troll. People like him are boiler-room commandos and they show up with a dozen screen names each to overwhelm any opposition to “Der Fuhrer.”

    As for this article, the only response is “Duh! Ya think?” Of course he is. It is called the “Second Bolshevik Revolution” and it has taken the international backers of it more than fifty years to infiltrate their Marxist Mafia into the Senate so that no matter what their First Sock-Puppet does, he can’t be impeached. They are running about thirteen years later according to their timeline. They predicted control of our economy in 1900 and they achieved it in 1913; they predicted political control of our government — and us — by 2000, and they’ve just about locked it down. If they don’t make it during Obama’s term, they lose their window of opportunity for another hundred years. They are going to go for broke; count on it.

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