Fired Over Common Core?


WASHINGTON — Congressman Steve Stockman said Tuesday President Obama should fire Education Secretary Arne Duncan after what Duncan termed an apology Monday never actually apologized for attacking white women who oppose Common Core curriculum and calling their children stupid.

“Not only does Common Core dumb down our schools, it’s dumbed down the Education Secretary,” said Stockman. “It’s time to expel Common Core from our schools and expel Arne Duncan from the Obama administration.”

“Duncan did not deny the Obama administration thinks less of Common Core critics who are white or women. He did not deny the Obama administration thinks your children are dumb. He just said his wording was ‘clumsy,’” said Stockman. “Obama has no choice but to fire Duncan and apologize for his racist, sexist attack on women and children.”

“It’s fascinating to me that some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary,” Duncan said in a speech Friday in Richmond, Va., addressing the Council of Chief State Schools Officers Organization.

Duncan’s remarks were confirmed by Education Department Assistant Secretary for Communications and Outreach Massie Ritsch and reported Saturday by the Washington Post.

Duncan attempted to walk back his comments Monday; but while he called his choice of words “clumsy,” he never denied the Obama administration thinks less of women who question Common Core or their children.

“A few days ago, in a discussion with state education chiefs, I used some clumsy phrasing that I regret – particularly because it distracted from an important conversation about how to better prepare all of America’s students for success,” Duncan wrote Monday on the Education Department’s website.

“His only regret is that his attitude toward women distracts from his desire for more failed federal control over local schools,” said Stockman. “That’s not an apology. That’s an indictment.”

“Opposition to Common Core must be led by the states.  Texas may not have officially taken Common Core standards, but they did work with the same groups in the writing of the TEKS. Texas needs to kill CScope and reject Race to the Top funding if we are to get Washington mediocrity out of our schools,” said Stockman.

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  • wildbill446

    Take a good close look at our educational system. You will find that it’s not only education but “indoctrination” too, So we can all be “good little dumb Commies”