Video: WATCH: Obama Omits “Under God” In Gettysburg Address

Obama read the Gettysburg Address on camera for filmmaker Ken Burns. He omitted the words “under God” at 1:34 of the reading.

6 comments to Video: WATCH: Obama Omits “Under God” In Gettysburg Address

  • Carolyne

    Of course. He knew he couldn’t say what he wanted, “Under Allah,” so he just omitted it.

  • Lisa

    Obama once said that the Islam call to prayer was “the most beautiful sound in the world”. That says a lot, Guest. He rarely attends church and is totally on board with removing all semblances of Christianity from our nation. And it’s ONLY Christianity that he hates. Never in the history of our nation has a president been so blatant in his disdain for any faith.
    He is evil to the core.

  • azjen

    I would say that what Carolyne had to say was straight on. The ‘so-called’ Guest who posted about Carolyne’s comment must have sickness of their own. Otherwise, this person would not have made the remark that he/she did. Carolyne is anything but sick. Instead she is able to discern things as they really are. Whereas someone else such as our ‘guest’ would have been more likely to be critical of Carolyne or anyone else that would say something that they did no agree with.

  • dh

    You must forgive guest… Idiots are to dumb to realize they are one. Even when democrats see the deductions from their paycheck growing they don’t make the connection that nothing is free and anything the government does costs 10-times as much as that produced by the private sector.

    When will democrats wake up and see the light? when their paycheck is gone? probably not, they will just go on welfare.

  • azjen

    Interesting that Obama took his oath of office on the Bible that Lincoln had used in Springfield. Now it’s as though he is comparing himself to Lincoln in things that he does & says. He will NEVER be like Lincoln in any way b/c he doesn’t have the brains that Lincoln had. Lincoln was a brilliant man & I’m sure he never lied or did the things that Obama has done since he was voted into office. I find that it’s embarrassing when other countries make comments about our current president. They are negative comments & yet so many in this country haven’t the slightest idea of what is going on.