Video: Who’s Obama’s Daddy?

DNA answers that question. Check out all of the skin tags popping up all over Obama’s face, then Google “Frank Marshal Davis”; and you will see who is his sperm donor.

3 comments to Video: Who’s Obama’s Daddy?

  • Guest

    Hey Gabor, I just met YOUR Daddy. I just left some cheese out by the Dumpster and the trap snapped on his tail.

  • Guest

    LOL…just watched your video. You are one truly sick POS, Gabe, and may you spend the rest of your life in this sewage.

  • Carolyne

    Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist who lived in Hawaii at the time Obama’s mother lived there. She posed for some not too nice photos for Davis. What she did does not reflect on Barack Husein Obama, but it does show that she fraternized with Frank Marshall Davis. I don’t know who Obama’s father is, but I doubt he does either. Davis later moved to Chicago. Guess who else went to live in Chicago and bacame a community organizer.