What If America Became An Obamanation?

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Obama won’t be satisfied until this nation becomes an Obamanation.

When Obama ran for President, he promised the people so much that he became one of the most promising candidates to ever run for the office. One promise he is trying his hardest to keep is that he would bring fundamental change to America. Unfortunately, the change is for the worst. Obamacare is one weapon he is using to make people more dependent on the government. His desire to shut down the coal industry and make coal-fired power plants too expensive to operate was another promise he is trying to keep, and the citizens are being punished with higher electrical prices. He also wants to impose a carbon tax to make energy even more expensive because he believes that man-made global warming is too much a threat (even though it hasn’t been proven and may never be proven.) And with his meddling into the way the military operates, we may in the near future have the second or third best military in the world after the Chinese and Russians.

What if this nation became an Obamanation? How might it be? Let’s say it is the year 2040. President Obama and President Hillary Clinton have had 16 years to fundamentally change this nation for the worst. With unemployment officially hovering around 9% from 2009 to 2018, and rising to over 12% from 2018 to 2024 when a Republican President managed to be elected, Social Security took a big hit because not enough people were contributing into the system to sustain it. Even with the Social Security Solvency Act of 2020, which helped Hillary win re-election, the system still ran out of money; and retirees were forced to live on less. The National Poverty Relief Act of 2022 helped those who were in poverty receive the money they needed to survive. The top tax rate had to be raised to 75% to redistribute money to those who needed it. By 2024, it was raised again to 90% since the economy was too weak to provide enough tax revenues for the poor, which were around 40% of the population.

Since the military was still considered too much of a drain on the budget, military spending was slashed again and again until it received less money than it had in 2008. Over a million people received buyouts from the Pentagon so that they would retire early. The Leaner and Meaner Act of 2023, as it was nicknamed, was supposed to fund research and development in weapons systems that were high-tech wonders that could replace existing systems. But they often proved to be failures since the contracts went to the lowest or most politically connected bidders. Old systems were scrapped before the new systems could be perfected, which encouraged our enemies to take advantage of our weaknesses and lack of commitment to make the military truly stronger. Iraq and Afghanistan were worse off in 2040 than they had been before 2000. With Iran’s nuclear missile attack on Israel in 2024 being repulsed by the Israeli anti-missile system, millions in Syria and Jordan suffered from the nuclear detonations overhead; and radiation that spread around the world is still taking its toll in 2040.

By 2040, our annual deficit is over $3 trillion, with over half of our spending going toward domestic programs. With Obamacare being blamed for American life expectancies falling to below age 70, most Americans believe it is too late to return to private health care insurance. Most companies no longer offer health care insurance because the one-payer system is considered permanent. To cut costs, the Federal Health Care Board decides to limit spending on patients by not allowing expensive medical procedures unless people can pay for them. That means the rich live longer than middle class and poor people-who are lucky to live beyond age 60, even with all the poverty spending.

At least there were no major terrorist attacks in America with so many military people coming back to America after being pulled out of foreign countries where the Pentagon feels they are not needed. Too bad for the Europeans and Asians who depended on the American military. With Middle Eastern nations and North Korea able to threaten them with nuclear attacks, concessions were made to prevent nuclear destruction. Islam spread into the governments of Europe and established Sharia law in nations that were becoming increasingly Islamic. Even King William of England had to admit that Islam was more dominant a religion that Christianity, with the installation of the first Islamic Prime Minister in Parliament.

China and India become the most powerful nations economically, with America barely edging out Russia for the #3 spot. But with advanced technology that will allow Russia to reach the Kuiper Belt by the middle of the century, mining the belt (which has been estimated as being worth between 5 and 10 quintillion dollars) will help Russia become the most powerful economic and industrial power in the world by the last quarter of the century.

The 20th century was considered the American century. The 21st century looked like it would become the Chinese century, thanks to Progressives in America. But by the end of the century, it may become the Russian century, with America being demoted in importance all because Obama got his way and made this nation an Obamanation.


Photo credit: fletcherwarren (Creative Commons)

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  • wildbill446

    Well, it’s about time people are starting to wake up. I have been saying this same thing for some time.