Lesbian Votes Against “Gay Marriage” Bill

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Hawaii has legalized same-gender marriage. The Aloha State gays have been handed everything they demanded; but alas, they are not happy. It seems like they never are.

During the public hearings on the question of gay marriage (SB 1), people lined up (and in some cases waited four days) to exercise their right to speak for just two minutes as they expressed their opinion on the matter.

Although everyone knew the outcome was a foregone conclusion that would see the gays winning the day, the hearings and subsequent final vote produced an unexpected result. After actually listening to the points the speakers made, lesbian State Representative Jo Jordan voted “No.”

While Hawaii is a super stronghold of liberalism, a stray “No” vote on an issue like this is not surprising unless it comes from an open lesbian. Jordan explained that she came to the hearing with an open mind; but after listening to explanations of the damage SB 1 would do to churches, she concluded that it would not be “protective enough” of the rights of Hawaii’s conservative minorities. Seeing there was neither a way nor a will to address these concerns, Jordan became the first openly gay legislator in America to vote against a gay marriage bill. Her vote popped the lid off a Pandora’s Box of reactions from both sides that surprised her.

Although she had expected to be attacked by the religious right, nothing of the sort happened. Instead, she was politely thanked for “at least listening.” It was the people from her own LGBT community that unleashed a torrent of bile and hatred toward her that“took her aback.”

The attacks opened Jordan’s eyes. She reports having thought, “Wow, so much for minorities that have been suppressed.”

The lesson here is nothing new to those of us on the Right.  We know the Left demands absolutely 100 percent worship of their issues and never allows diversity of thought or speech.  This is especially true when they push their own people against a wall and “get in their face,” as Barack Obama has recommended.

Unfortunately, their intimidation works every time we let it.


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  • Elaine

    I’ve worked with gay people that don’t flaunt it. You know they are gay….”don’t ask, don’t tell” works for this too.

    I am glad to hear that a Lesbian is coming out explaining. A few days ago, a male came out explaining the “common sense” reason. They can’t produce children.