Obama’s War Against the Poor

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Those who want to control the poor have an easy job because the poor have little to lose.

Revolutions aren’t successful unless there are plenty of poor people who are expendables for the cause. Such a revolution is happening in America. But unlike other revolutions that depend on the poor to sacrifice themselves in an attempt to make things better, millions of poor people have been told they will do worse if Obama gets his way; and they still defend him knowing what the consequences are. I am barely old enough to remember LBJ declaring war on poverty. After spending a few trillion dollars to fight it, the percentage of the poor in America hasn’t changed, except for the worst. When you throw in the other programs meant to help the poor from FDR’s time until today, the war on poverty has cost us more than any other war. But Liberals want to fund the fight with more trillions of dollars that won’t end poverty.

Before Obama leaves office, whether by force or by outlasting his enemies and being replaced in 2017, Obamacare will become established law in one form or another. The poor supported Obama because he said they would have free health care. They didn’t want to believe that it came at a price. That is why they are going to be subsidized or included into the Medicare and Medicaid systems. But since Obama had over $700 billion in Medicare funds transferred into Obamacare, the systems millions will need to rely on are being underfunded. Doctors and hospitals are dropping out of the systems, and the poor are left with few choices for medical care. The rich can pay cash, while the poor are treated like trash.

Jobs that the poor rely on for employment are going from full-time to part-time, with few benefits if any. Obama is closing down the coal industry and coal-fired power plants, which means that electricity prices will soar before alternative energy sources can fully replace coal. If the EPA closes down privately funded oil and gas wells and prevents federal land from being used for oil and gas production, the price for gasoline might never go lower than $4 a gallon in the future. With the inflation rate not taking higher energy and food prices into consideration after Obama entered office, the poor are most affected by higher prices. And when he considered his two daughters more deserving of a better education than the children of other parents in Washington (whom he deprived of receiving vouchers that could allow them to send their kids to better schools), he demonstrated his contempt for the poor. The increase in food stamp spending illustrated the desire to make more people dependent on government “charity”.

Most of his life, Obama was no doubt told that he was special. He was better than the rabble he eventually roused. He went to Harvard because he was made to think he deserved to go there. He destroyed his competition so he could climb over their discarded lives and dreams to become the least-competent President to ever tell the voters lies they wanted to believe.

The higher-than-reported unemployment rate and lower contributions into Social Security is draining the system faster than expected. Medicare may eventually vanish as Obamacare absorbs the system. The poor will be forced to accept whatever medical care they are given, even if it means dying prematurely. If our bonds become worth little more than Monopoly money, the stock market will crash, our foreign investors will want their money, and those depending on income from bond investments will be plunged into poverty. If the tax rate on the wealthy doubles and exemptions are abolished, we could experience the worst depression ever experienced. If the safeguards established to prevent another Great Depression can’t prevent the even Greater Depression, we could see blood in the streets as the poor rise up against the government, and our troops are forced to gun them down.

Revolutions that produce bloodshed are often tragic. But revolutions that produce millions of traitors against their leaders because the poor find out they have been deceived are insane and sometimes preventable. With Obama calling the shots, despite his claims of ignorance, chaos is nearly inevitable. Using the poor to accomplish your goals is despicable. But to punish them for helping you is unforgivable.


Photo credit: terrellaftermath.com

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