Reagan: Oprah, It’s Not Racist To Fight Obama

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Come on, Oprah.

You’re way too smart to be this stupid.

When are you going to get off this kick about Barack Obama being disrespected more than previous presidents just because he is a black man?

It’s getting embarrassing, Oprah.

You’re one of America’s great talents and greatest success stories.

You’re a self-made billionaire, an astute multimedia mogul, a beloved cultural icon.

You’re admired around the world for your generosity and good works. Your opinions and endorsements influence what millions of people read, how they think, and who they vote for.

But after five years of President Obama’s reign, you apparently still haven’t learned a thing about presidential politics and race relations in this country.

You proved it again just last week in Britain when you were plugging that movie “The Butler.”

You were asked — for the umpteenth time — by the BBC whether you thought President Obama was being treated unfairly or criticized disproportionately by the media and others because he was black.

You said, “When the senator yelled out, ‘You’re a liar’ — remember that? Yeah, I think that there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs, and that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American.”

Seriously, Oprah.

I realize your primary job in London was to promote “The Butler,” the movie about the real-life black butler who worked in the White House for eight presidents that was so bad I dubbed it “The Butler from Another Planet.”

But was your response to the BBC reporter’s question — a variation of the same claim you’ve made before — really the most thoughtful thing you could come up with?

Were you jet-lagged? Exhausted? Were you weary of being asked the same dumb question and having to give the same cliched answer?

Come on, Oprah. You’re off your usual game.

Using the example of the president being called a liar in Congress as proof that President Obama is a victim of racism is getting pretty stale.

It occurred in 2009. And it wasn’t a senator; it was South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson who yelled out “You lie” when Obama was overpromising the benefits of his Affordable Care Act to a joint session of Congress.

Oprah, you’re great. But you need to brush up on your history and current events.

America still has racists and bigots. They come in all colors and creeds. But you, better than anyone, must realize that the American people, especially the young, are increasingly colorblind.

You couldn’t have become the most influential woman on the planet and America’s richest black woman if white audiences hadn’t fallen in love with you and your TV talk show.

And President Obama couldn’t have been elected twice without the broad support of white voters who cared more about his hopes and promises than the color of his skin.

Obama is being beat up for political reasons, not racial ones. Just take off those black-and-white glasses, Oprah, and read the headlines.

Obamacare is a disaster. Obama’s economic policies are failing, and his administration is incompetent.

The president’s bipartisan critics in the media and in Congress don’t care what color his skin is, just as the “disrespecters” of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Ronald Reagan didn’t care about their white skin.

Oprah, let’s face it. It is you who is still fixated on the color of the president’s skin.

You need to update and upgrade your thinking. What you say matters. People trust you. They expect intelligent thoughts about race from you, not outdated and predictable cliches.

Imagine if you had said something to that BBC reporter like, “You know, that’s a really dumb and racist question. President Obama isn’t America’s black president, he’s America’s president. He’s taking his lumps because he’s been screwing up. It happens to presidents all the time. Except for a few racists, no one in America cares anymore what color the president’s skin is. Neither do I. I only care about the job he’s doing.”

That would have been an Oprah-worthy answer — and an important message about race for America.


Photo credit: Story Accents (Creative Commons)

3 comments to Reagan: Oprah, It’s Not Racist To Fight Obama

  • Carolyne

    Oprah Winfrey went to Africa and said, “I wish I had been born here.” Had she been born there, she would not be among the richest women in the world. She would be living in disease-ridden poverty. It is this country who gave her the opportunities to attain her ambition. It is this country to whom she should be grateful and not bad mouth it when she is in a foreign country. I do not agree with President Obama’s political philosophy–Socialist. It has nothing whatever to do with his race. After all, he is as much white as he is African-American. I guess she hates his white part.

  • Lisa

    Thank you, Carolyne! Very well said. I would only add that as a 62 yr. old white woman, I would have NO problem voting for anyone of any skin color so long as their values reflect mine and I could agree with their political policies. Just because his father (whoever that might be) was black makes absolutely no difference to me at all. My daughter in law is Asian, therefore my grandson is half Asian. I love both of them with all my heart. My daughter had a serious relationship with a black man (who broke her heart) and my husband and I welcomed him with no reservations. It just isn’t an issue for the vast majority of our country. We just want an honest and capable leader and we don’t have one.

  • ItsJo

    Oprah has proven to be a racist herself, when she LIED to her audience when she claimed she wouldNOT have any political figures on her show-That,
    was AFTER she had Obama/Michelle on to foist them onto the public that she
    had great access to(who ALSO made her the billionaire she became) It was then, that Oprah LOST ALL CREDIBILITY, as she LIED to those who watched her religiously. For her to ‘continue to use RACE BAITING is unfortunate,
    since Obama WAS elected by blacks @ 97%…WERE THEY VOTING SKIN COLOR OPRAH? Appears to be. But Obama was also voted by MANY whites, so HOW was
    anyone being racist? As he bacame a POTUS who DID USE RACE TO BE DIVISIVE
    RACE CARD, THAT’S BEEN DONE TO DEATH.” People showed, they did NOT care about the color of Obama’s skin(both black & white) but Oprah will NOT see