Video: Cruz: I Would Render Judgment on Obama

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) opened the door to impeaching Obama because he said that the commander in chief had been “lawless” in an interview with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg.

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  • Guest

    Please, you sick, stupid people–please make Ted Cruz your candidate in 2016, and while you’re at it, please try again to take Cemetery Ridge.

  • Karen Middleton


  • Carolyne

    Actually, you two are the stupid ones. Hussein Obama cares nothing for the Constitution of the United States and has violated it numerous times by making his own laws. The Constitution specifically states that only Congress can make laws. Also, he swore an oath to defend and protect the United States and it’s laws. He instructs his lame Justice Department to just ignore laws he doesn’t like. You need to educate yourselves on the Constitution and understand that a President is not allowed to be a dictator. His job is not to destroy this country. It’s people like you, ignorant, who allow him to run rampant on our laws and our country. Low Information Voters.

  • ItsJo

    Carolyne- You are correct, the two idiots above, are just stupid, and don’t care one iota about the Constitution. Perhaps they don’t see, that their Leader is taking America towards HIS ideology of Marxism and they are most likely ‘on the dole.’ These two and their ilk, don’t care if he takes America down…they’d applaud him.