Video: Dem. Senator Admits: ‘We Knew’ Obama Lied

When Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was asked about being mislead by Obama on ObamaCare, she side-stepped the question by saying “he should have been more specific.” When pressed again, she admitted that “We all knew” that it was a false promise.

3 comments to Video: Dem. Senator Admits: ‘We Knew’ Obama Lied

  • Elaine

    That’s no big whoop…we weren’t even there, and we knew it too!
    The tried and true saying, “If his lips are moving…”.you finish it.

  • Carolyne

    This is among the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. If this were done in the private sector, the person doing it would be jailed. Bernie Madoff looks like a piker compared to Obama and his Democratic minions who care nothing for the country, just their own political futures.

  • jonodough

    i love how this democrat puppet talks about the necessity of providing contraceptives, yet eyes and teeth are not covered in obamaliarcare. If I am wrong someone please correct me…we have to pay more for services we don’t need but will have to pay even more extra out of pocket for our eyes and teeth? since when have eyes and teeth not been a part of our bodies?