Video: Would Voters Choose Romney If Given A Second Chance?

A new Washington Post poll shows that 70% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. And 49% of voters would vote for Mitt Romney over Obama (45%) if the election was held today.

3 comments to Video: Would Voters Choose Romney If Given A Second Chance?

  • Elaine

    Hell no! Obama won again by fraud and Romney ran away without demanding an investigation.

    Romney was winning in the polls. On the same day he held his campaign rally at Red Rock, there were masses of people still trying to get in to a campaign rally that appeared to be more like a 1960’s Rock Festival than a campaign. Watch this short video. The excitement filled the air. It was more like a celebration than a campaign rally.

    On that same day, Obama had a campaign rally with ONLY 200 people showing up.
    Romney pulled a fast one on all of us when he did NOT ask for an investigation.
    Google: Romney+George Soros.

  • ItsJo

    This was the “usual DemoThugs Stealing ANOTHER election”…with the help Again, of George Soros, who was part owner? of SCYTL, the co. that would be counting the electronic votes. Need anyone say more? It’s the REAL reason, the DemoThugs DON’T want Voter ID’s, as they wouldn’t be able to continue to CHEAT in elections. Think about McAuliffe election-think HE won by votes, or by cheating? CHEATING, JUST AS AL FRANKEN DID WHEN HE WAS LOSING TO COLEMAN, BUT “MIRACULOUSLY, THOUSANDS OF VOTES FOR FRANKEN SHOWED UP ‘IN THE TRUNKS OF CARS’….Yeah, “Chicago Thuggery is alive and well in THIS Whitehouse, as they Cheat, Lie, Bully, Intimidate and Change Rules Midstream to suit their needs/win.”

    btw: At Least Romeny loves America…Obama hates it.

  • Elaine

    I agree with you; however, I would like to ad something in.
    Romney “had the election”…why no investigation?
    He didn’t love America enough to fight for it when Obama TOOK OVER AGAIN.