Iranian Nuclear Weapons Negotiations A Joke

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

Last Sunday, Israel’s Channel 10 News reported that Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian-born senior adviser to Mr. Obama, has been holding secret talks with Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, for about a year. The so-called P5+1 powers and Iranian negotiations in Geneva were nothing more than a “facade,” the actual terms of the deal having already been decided. Channel 10 News quoted an unnamed senior official who told the reporter that the real behind-the-scenes power in the White House, Valerie Jarrett, has been making secret deals with the Islamic Nation for a year.

At the Geneva talks, France wasn’t too happy about the sucker deal that American Secretary of State John Kerry had readily accepted. All the talk by the Secretary was just for show for the U.S. media and almost undoubtedly a lie to distract the world from the fact that Obama and Jarrett had already made a deal. Of course, Kerry knew about it all along. It was the Nation of Israel that released the facts about these secret negotiations between Jarrett and Iran, no doubt a bittersweet undertaking for Benjamin Netanyahu as he exposed the corrupt Obama Administration while feeling the sting of America’s betrayal of Israel. Certainly, the exposure will prove extremely embarrassing for Obama, Jarrett, and Kerry. During the next round of talks, the Secretary will have no credibility in any of the negotiations, being seen as either a liar, a fool, or both.

The Times of Israel reported that, “In the course of the talks… the Americans offered the Iranians a series of ‘confidence-building measures,’ which underlined American readiness to conclude a deal and undercut sanctions pressure.”  In other words, the Valerie Jarrett administration had already made an agreement with the Iranians to lift sanctions without assurances that the Islamists would give up their weapons program. This is probably what the French called the “suckers deal.”

Only a prop in this dangerous charade, John Kerry may well be known as the most inept U.S. Secretary of State ever.  Valerie Jarrett is conducting the actual negotiations and making agreements behind the backs of members of the UN Security Council. Apparently, “Jarrett served as the personal and direct emissary of the president to secret meetings with the Iranians, which are understood to have taken place in one of the Gulf principalities.”  This undercuts the efforts of the UN, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, and China to reign in the activities of a rogue nation. This has not been a good month for the United States or the American people.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

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  • danstewart

    Does anyone expect a muslim to negotiate against a fellow muslim?? The bummer hates Israel & would like nothing better than to have Israel wiped off the earth.