Video: WATCH: Sheriff Arpaio Discuss Obama and Holder

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio stopped by the Western Center for Journalism studio for a visit. He discussed his law enforcement career, his experience with the Dept of Justice, and his illegal immigration enforcement.

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2 comments to Video: WATCH: Sheriff Arpaio Discuss Obama and Holder

  • Joe G

    It appears to me that if one were to compare resumes of the sheriff and that of the attorney general, Sheriff Joe has much more experience in law enforcement. Which of the two is responsible for trafficking weapons across the border and into the hands of the Mexican drug cartel. Now, honestly tell me who’s the bad guy in all of this?
    The current administration in Washington is looking more like the Mafia than a constitutional government that our forefathers gave us.

  • Noel

    Keep up the good work Joe.

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