Meet The New Gestapo


An insightful man once said, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that people aren’t out to get you.” Another more recent one that I love is: “If you aren’t named on some government ‘watch list’ by now, you should be ashamed of yourself.” And our president is much to be blamed for our current atmosphere of suspicion and fear. Or it may be better stated that he perfectly represents the shady leadership our own neglect has earned us. For most Americans, Boris Badenov and Natasha are the closest we’ve come to comprehending the oppressive suspicion of a government that needs to erect walls in order to keep its people in line. Nevertheless, when a society is no longer founded upon amity and trust – hidden cameras, microphones and lockstep informants become a reality.

I am often reminded that ‘Fearless Leader’ Barry himself uses a bought-and-paid-for, bogus name in order to hide the one that he didn’t like. Why is that? And, am I the only one who thinks it’s curious that we actually have a president who would rather be identified with our muslim detractors than anything typically American? Indeed, have you noticed much about him that is strongly patriotic or that in the slightest reminds you of the strength of our peculiar heritage?  Does saying that make me a racist? That’s what the new ‘Hope and Change’ doublethink would have me believe.

That German lady has some nerve complaining about our president spying on people, hasn’t she? Has she forgotten that paranoid people are very often suspicious of others simply because they fully expect the folks around them to be just as rotten as they are? If Mr. Soetoro has foul stuff he wants to keep hidden, it only follows that he will absolutely see other people as being just as nefarious and sinister as himself.

Again, when a man shows you what he is …. believe him!

In 2008, Newt Gingrich was on the floor of the Denver convention center right after ‘Barack’ had been given the nod for his first presidential race. An almost cocky, black, news man approached him in all the convention uproar and yelled, “Well, Mr. Gingrich, what do you have to say now? Looks like Barack Obama just might be our next president!” Without hesitation, Newt essentially replied, “Yeah, but who is he? No one can tell us that. What can he do? To date, all we know is that he can write and speak. But, truthfully, what are his qualifications? Who is he?” The reporter, who then didn’t want any more of that conversation, shrugged his shoulders and slinked back into the clamoring mob.

But, isn’t that true? Who is he indeed? After five years, we only really know the following for certain … (1.) He has difficulty telling the truth. (2.) He doesn’t show much respect to anyone who isn’t wearing a keffiyeh and a Rolex. (3.) He doesn’t appear to be an American citizen [The entire world and at least 50% of America already acknowledges this as fact.]. (4.) He likes to have a good time on his bottomless, presidential expense account. (5.) He sees our Constitution as a bothersome relic. (6.) He uses our government both as his personal spy as well as a tool in getting even with those who cross him. And, (7.), he is therefore justifiably paranoid.

237 years ago, our forefathers graciously gave us a blank canvas upon which we were free to paint a decent life for ourselves and our families. Back then, it never occurred to those framers that their beneficiaries would one day become so lazy, blind and contented that they would not deign to even pick up a brush to pursue and preserve our precious gifts of freedom and independence. Instead, today, we let others paint our lives for us. Since we have refused to participate in that painting, we elect and pay self-serving tyrants to do that for us.

Bottom line? Get used to having the government’s nose in more and more of your personal affairs. If our nation continues to insist upon allowing 535 highly-paid people to ruin our lives for us, apart from our participation, then we better accustom ourselves to being controlled and scrutinized. Despots such as our president also realize that most thinking people don’t appreciate being watched or being told what to do. Therefore, as with all dictators, he has every justification for keeping his eye on his captives – and that attitude now permeates every level of his paranoid bureaucracy. It’s just commonsense: When the people have relinquished control, Big Brother will TAKE control.

While the First Amendment is still functional, people really should consider taking advantage of what’s left of their right to speak critically of our government. Rather than lining up at Obama’s Kool-Aid stand in eager anticipation of cloning out, even just an open expression gratitude for the rights and freedoms we still possess can be counted as a part of ‘fighting the good fight.’ Behaving like a person with an opinion is better than remaining silent in Obama’s swelling herd of cattle. Instead, we can still open our mouths and say something! While we have a working Constitution, that’s really all one needs to become a modern-day freedom fighter – without even breaking a sweat. But be warned – today, true patriotism is often seen as sedition.

Our vice president has casually dismissed any concern we may have for our personal rights, and Obama-buddy, Rahm Emanuel, has declared our freedom of speech to be ‘highly overrated’.   Nevertheless, when your right to protest has finally disappeared, you will miss it and suffer for its absence – guaranteed. We seem to have totally forgotten the fact that autocrats typically don’t respect those whom they must tax and trample upon for their comfortable existence. And once gone, you can’t argue back the sort of freedoms we Americans have so confidently taken for granted. Our liberties were blood-earned. And sadly, just as it was for our founding fathers, our (now emerging) king will have a standing army to enforce his every whim.

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