Propaganda Czars Huddle at White House

Aerial view of the White House during the 1980s.

In North Korea they use concentration camps and firing squads.  In America, they use the media.  Obama recently summoned Leftist media to the White House in his renewed effort to save his presidency, ah, I mean, the country, from attacks by seething masses.   After all, ill-gotten power wrongfully used must be retained, for the sake of the country of course.

Responding dutifully to the call from their Dear Leader, NBC (the National Brotherhood of Communists), and MSKGB and others, sent operatives to the White House to conspire with the Communist in Chief to come up with tactics and strategy to save their communist conspiracy.  (It’s not about reform or the uninsured.  It’s about redistribution and control.)

Expect a new round of vicious attacks and accusations.  The following will be targeted, immediately:


Insurance companies


Medical device manufacturers

Republicans, especially leadership

Tea Party people

All conservatives

Independent, alternative media, especially Fox

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Mike Lee

Senator Trey Goudy

Rep. Louie Gohmert

Rep. Steven King

Allen West

Sarah Palin

Michele Bachmann

Step one: halt all coverage of the colossal disaster now known as ObamaCare.  Instead report only on evil Republicans, idiot Tea Party people, and the threats to democracy in the blogosphere.

The rest of the strategy will be essentially two-fold with branches:  hammer away to ‘reassure’ people the website will be fixed, insurance policies will be restored, the promise to reduce costs and retain preferred providers will be kept, the implementation will eventually be successful; then, blame shift and accuse everyone on the list above of intentionally causing trouble so as to derail this wonderful and enlightened initiative to do the right thing by the American people.

In short order the Dear Leader will announce a new program to force youth to buy health insurance, necessary to fund the insatiable monster he’s unleashed on the country, one that now threats to turn and consume him.

A sub-strategy involves the recruitment of ‘moderate’ Republicans to assist with propaganda messaging.  There will also be a branch of strategists working to encourage third party candidates in order to split conservative loyalties and cause confusion, thus fracturing any hope of building coalitions.  Soros-funded operatives will help demonize the Tea Party, working as well to attempt a revival of the War on Women campaign, along with efforts to worsen race relations by encouraging tensions to violence.  The super rich on the Left will demonize the super rich on the Right.

The tactics will involve the usual: accusations of racism, corporate greed, narrow self-interest to the exclusion of the poor and dispossessed, condemnations of senators and representatives accused of being corporate shills, accusations that Republicans and Tea Party individuals only want to destroy Obama because they are so filled with hate and racism, accusations the Republicans hate the poor and don’t have a plan of their own, Fox will be singled out for special treatment, and doctors will become the new whipping post as well as other players in the healthcare industry.

The banner:  Hope & Change is still alive, follow the Dear Leader: do not let the criminal rich rob the poor again!

The ultimate question: will the American people walk into this grisly trap again?

Not if this report is accurate:

CBS Poll: 84% of Democrats Want ObamaCare Changed or Repealed

Photo Credit:  Standard Compliant

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