What Liberals May Be Thankful For At Thanksgiving

Valerie Jarrett Thanksgiving SC

Today, a turkey pardoned two turkeys.  The two turkeys that were pardoned will now be sent to a farm where they will die when they get too old.  Unlike all the other turkeys in this nation who support the one in the White House, the two that are going to the farm won’t be afflicted by Obamacare.

Thanksgiving is not yet a religious holiday that must be abolished due to separation of church and state.  But there are many things I believe Liberals may be thankful for at Thanksgiving.  They are very thankful that Obama, someone who is not eligible to be President since he is not naturally born, is in the White House.  They only like portions of the Constitution that they agree with and discard the rest as being antiquated.  Obama probably agrees with them, and they are grateful for that.

Liberals are thankful for Obamacare and like the government controlling the lives of most Americans.  Sure, there are problems and people will die prematurely.  But if they are Tea Party members and Conservatives in general, they deserve to die to allow Liberals to wield more control over the nation.  At least women and the men who play with their bodies can act like dogs in heat without producing puppies.  And if the women who choose to have sex become pregnant, the bureaucratic nightmare of Obamacare will allow their abortions to be paid for with little difficulty.  Old people, who should know better than to live so long, will die when they can’t receive expensive treatments to sustain their lives.  $100 in pills will replace a $100,000 operation and medical devices and save $99,900, plus the extra years of care the elderly might have received.  Of course, that doesn’t apply to Liberals who “know” they are more deserving of a long life than those they consider expendable.

Liberals had wanted Al Gore to be President in 2000 because he believed in global warming caused by humans.  Obama is a substitute they are thankful for because he wants coal to be considered too dangerous to the environment.  He also doesn’t want government land to be used for gas and oil exploration, except maybe for land that has little gas and oil reserves.  Liberals are thankful Obama supports alternative energy sources and companies that are considered green.  It doesn’t matter to them that when Spain decided to go green in a big way, the unemployment rate soared to over 20%.  They just didn’t know how to do it right; and since Liberals always know what is best, they can make alternative energy pay off.  I’ve yet to read about Liberals wanting to use plasma technology to clean up coal and possibly turn water into fuel by breaking it into hydrogen and oxygen and burning the hydrogen with plasma igniters.  But they no doubt didn’t consider plasma technology and believe it isn’t needed since they don’t want to develop it.  It doesn’t matter that the temperature hasn’t increased more than a degree during the last 15 years and that there is more ice around Antarctica than what has been there for years.  If we need to spend $5 trillion around the world to lower the temperature two or three degrees, Liberals will say it is vitally needed to save the world.  If the sun does the same thing for free, it will be considered an “oops” moment experts weren’t expecting.

Liberals are very thankful that religious fanatics are being put in their place every time they are not allowed to pray publicly in schools or erect manger scenes in front of city halls or in public parks.  To many of them, God is the way a dyslexic spells “dog” and has little meaning during the 21st century.   Only Tea party members and Conservatives who want to push Christianity complain about the exemption of God from public view.  Christianity might be fine for children, old people, and weak-minded people who need Christ as a crutch.  But sophisticated Liberals are too smart to believe in God and his wrath.  Sure, they also thought the holocaust was a myth until it was proven to be true; and Israel would have become another Islamic republic if its enemies had won the wars they engaged in with the Jewish State.  But God can’t be understood, and Liberals need reasons they can understand for things happening.

Liberals have a lot to be thankful for.  They should really be thankful most Americans don’t stand up against them.  If that ever happened, and the Tea Party was responsible for Republicans taking back the Senate in 2014 and the Presidency in 2o16, Liberals would demand that Thanksgiving be declared a religious holiday their good friends in the ACLU and American Atheist organizations try to abolish as a public celebration.  Let’s hope and pray this never happens.  Liberals are thankful for too many things that most Americans oppose.

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