Media Fails To Hide Obama’s Latest Wardrobe Malfunction

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The New York Times and Los Angeles Times are reporting that there is a “surge” of enrollments in Obamacare.  That this is a demonstrable lie, as usual, means nothing to the Left. But in their twisted little minds, nothing they say is ever a lie because they are such good people. And good people are – well, good people who only want to help us. They really believe this.

To these people, the “negativity” (generated by Republicans) surrounding Obamacare is the reason it is a train wreck. Realty is such a messy “conservative” thing to these people. Undeterred, they will keep on shoring up their master’s mess, even as the pain it brings us grows and gets worse. Not being able to do anything else, some Democrats who have seen their polling advantage evaporate in just six weeks have started to use the Debbie Wasserman Schultz approach; and they are bragging about Obamacare and counting on the dimwit vote to pull out their reelection next year.

When Obamacare shows no signs of life after today’s deadline, the media will insist it’s thriving anyway. For the Left, lies have always worked better than the truth anyway. They will use words like “may,” “likely,” and “should be able” to try to convince the greedy dopes that make up the liberal base that up is actually down, in is really out, and this month is actually June because the media says so.

Unfortunately for the media, Hans Christian Anderson’s fantasy about the king’s new suit of clothes was just that – a fantasy. In reality, polls that have always been friendly to the liberals are showing Obama melting like the Wicked Witch of the West. True Americans are repulsed by Obamcare. The media’s king is seeing his approval ratings  fall below 35% in some states; and nationally, he is viewed as untrustworthy by 57%.

Stating the blindingly obvious, a representative of the Quinnipiac polling firm observed that, “Clearly much of the reason for the president’s decline in Ohio is ‘Obamacare. Ohio voters oppose the Affordable Care Act 59-35 percent. Perhaps more significantly, voters say 45-16 percent they expect their own healthcare to be worse rather than better a year from now.”

This sounds like the king really is naked, doesn’t it?

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  • wildbill446

    It’s just people and media trying to jump on the “Bandwagon” after all Lying seems to be a way of life for the “Left”. Remember the Communist line “The means(way) justifies the end”.