Obama Leaves Another American Citizen Behind

Photo credit: Robert Reed Daly (Creative Commons)

Pastor Saeed Abedini goes on languishing in an Iranian prison in poor health as President Barack Obama touts his peace plan with Iran to the public. The centrifuges have slowed, but the subterfuge is on the rise as Obama’s latest foreign policy farce is heralded as the best deal with Iran in a decade.

The nation and those who represent Saeed Abedini (Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice) and the wife and children of Pastor Saeed have all been cast off like they meant no more to Barack Obama than a few good soldiers and an ambassador to Benghazi.

Now the miserable mess known as ObamaCare has been assuaged, or at least toned down as Obama makes swelling statements on how he and John Kerry have made history together.

Saeed was arrested after trying to start an orphanage in Iran and for supporting home-based Christian churches from 2000 – 2005. His only crime is practicing his Christian faith.

We can only wonder if he was a Muslim, if Barack Obama would work for his release. It seems easier day by day to see that those who say Barack Obama is a self-centered borderline narcissist are not using hyperbole to make their point.

Iran is probably laughing at Obama’s gullibility while the cries of Saeed’s children are heard daily in the Abedini household. Naghmeh Abedini, Saeed’s wife, has reported that his children are calling for him more than ever before, and now they are about to see another Christmas pass without the presence of their father.

Fox News reported Tuesday that Saeed’s name was never mentioned at the table with John Kerry and the Iranian officials.

Obama’s quest for a deal with a nation that has sworn death to all Americans looks like more pure nonsense from a leader who hasn’t done a significant thing for this nation since he took office. Now, rather than bowing to Saudi Kings, he is throwing decent American citizens to them in lieu of some leadership with some backbone (and at least a tacit showing of care for American citizens.)

Jay Sekulow says that Obama has clearly “betrayed” Pastor Abedini to gain a little recognition from a foreign policy move that has procured nothing for the U.S. or Israel and allows Iran to come out from the weight of severe sanctions at no cost to them.

Diverting the attention from the ObamaCare disaster and saving face for an otherwise miserable showing as commander in chief may seem like a pretty sharp move for a president who hasn’t much to brag about; but for many Americans, many Christians, and many ministers of the gospel, leaving Pastor Saeed behind without a word from Obama is an act of selfish cowardice.

Yes, we have always expected our president to wield the influence of his office on our behalf, and we always will. To the same degree that Mr. Obama is showing his pride for his feigned and fickle foreign policy achievement, we are feeling shame for his abandonment of yet another decent American citizen.

Hasn’t this president, who claims to be a Christian, ever read these word spoken by the great prophet Isaiah?

“Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.” (Isa 1: 17)


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Photo credit: Robert Reed Daly (Creative Commons)

5 comments to Obama Leaves Another American Citizen Behind

  • Ed Shick

    One thing about Obama , He is a liar and in the Muslim world he is doing what his Koran tells him that it is OK to tell lies to further his Cause , but only against non believers , Which is Americans ,, The Name is Taqiyya!!It is a shame that both Kerry and Obama can not see the inside of a Prison Wall .

  • joesixpack31

    Obama and his cabinet and staff are black hearted, backstabbing satanists. Anyone hoping for any gesture of mercy toward a Christian pastor in islamic captivity is kidding himself.

  • Thomas Laman

    He is a Christian and Obama is most likely a MuSLIMe so poor Rev. Seaad. Should have never gone to Iran in the first place seem like looking for trouble.

  • wildbill446

    Boy, Obama really loves and will do anything for an American citizen won’t he? But only if it benefits him in a “political way”. But then again he’s a Muslim and you can’t trust him to help no one but himself.

  • Joanna Magliaro

    What can I say We just need to keep praying and this so called President will be gone soon He is ruining our greatAmerica and all our freedoms! God bless America!