The Polls You’re NOT Hearing About

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Despite a glee-filled report dated Oct 22nd from a stereotypical ABC News nerd – dark rimmed glasses, plaid shirt, orange tie, and hair combed like one of the gang at TMZ – insisting the Democrats’ government shutdown would hurt Republicans next year, no one really believes that. Americans didn’t believe the shamelessly left weighted polls last month; and they don’t believe them today, if they even remember them.

It’s a sure thing, however, that the Left wishes they could roll out some more fake polls to help Barack Obama out of his sink hole; but that’s not happening.

Because the Obama sandcastle is washing away so quickly, it is hard to say how far Obamacare has dragged him down. Is he at 42% approval as one of the “faker” polls had him earlier last week? Is he down to 38% approval? Or is that 37 or even 36%? The speed of his fall is dizzying.

A better way to gauge the destructive effect of Obama’s naked assault on America is examining the havoc it is bringing to his Party’s chances of regaining control of the House and holding the Senate next year.

A Morning Consult National Healthcare Tracking Poll gives us a peek at what the media would prefer we didn’t know about how Americans see the Obamacare disaster.

It says: Obamacare is at a net -12 approval and is upside down 28/63 with Independents, who trust Republicans to handle healthcare 58/42.

Sixty five percent believe Obama broke his promise (read: lied). While 29% (likely every one a Democrat) blames Republicans for the Obamacare mess (although not a single Republican voted for it), 40% blame the Democrats.

By 46/15, a recent Washington Post/ABC survey showed that Red State voters will be less likely to vote for a Senator who voted for Obamacare. The day of reckoning is coming for Democrats Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Mark Begich in Alaska, Mark Pryor in Arkansas, and Kay Hagan in North Carolina – who has lost all of a once-daunting 17 point lead against any potential Republican opponent in just six weeks.

These are the surveys that are most telling.

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