Video: ObamaCare for Dummies

Enjoy this brief video until you burst into flame at the contempt with which the Obama Regime treats those of us in the Serf class.

1 comment to Video: ObamaCare for Dummies

  • Joe G

    Now, I just want to point out who is giving us Obamacare. The Democrats are 100% responsible for this government CONTROL of the healthcare insurance. While it’s not yet controlling the entire healthcare system, that is their ultimate goal. The Republicans have been trying to tell us how this will affect our lives, but the progressives just keep the lies coming and tell us that the Republicans only wish harm to America.
    I can only hope the American people wake up, pay attention, and vote these guys out of office. What we are seeing is what people around the world been running from and coming to America. This government control is becoming to be like the system that failed in the USSR. The Pilgrims tried it and found that it didn’t work. Let’s be honest and start calling it what it is. A Progressive really wants a Communist government. Which of the 2 parties closest resembles this philosophy? Just remember that when you enter the voting booth.