Video: Liberalism Founded on Rejection of God

Americas’ Leading “Liberalologist” plies his craft and cuts to the bottom line.

3 comments to Video: Liberalism Founded on Rejection of God

  • Guest

    One more steaming pile of bigoted garbage. It’s fun to watch you fail.

  • Karen Middleton

    Wild Bill is NO bigot! He nailed this one right on. Liberals do try to run everyone’s lives. Conservatives run their own lives,however, they do help one another when the need arises without butting in where they don’t belong. We respect God and our country, and that’s the way it is!!!

  • Constance

    I concur. I am on HIS SIDE. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He tells us to love all. I love my fellow man, but not their sins. It doesn’t make me a bigot. It makes me a follower of the God of the universe! Praise God! Find Him because He is knocking on your door. He wants you to stop sinning, repent and be with Him! Alleluia! Happy New Year!