Video: Obama Asks: Will You Shoot Americans?

Dr. Jim  Garrow was recently contacted by a high ranking military official who implored him to reveal the truth about a “litmus test” that is being proposed by the Obama administration to the military, asking the question “will you shoot Americans if they won’t give you their guns?”

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  • gouchr


  • wildbill446

    What does this tell you? I think he has something planned if the Country does not do as the “Dictator” says. I expect it sometime either before or right around the 2014 (Nov) elections. He knows he’s losing the Country because they are starting to wake up and see what he is doing.
    He also knows that people in the USA own guns and have served in the Military. They know how to use them and they also know how to operate if trouble comes. There was a survey seeing how many “Hunting licenses” were issued, it was over 600 thousand. I think that’s a little bit more than his “Private Army”.

    • artinthewild

      Obama has a rule or law – that says that many of the returning vetereans canno have guns has they may be mentally impaired from serving… so… there goes a ready made warrior to help us keep our guns.

  • Carolyne

    IMO Hussein Obama is a Muslim and likely a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has a number of Brotherhood members assisting him in the White House. Islam is not a “Religion of Peace.” It’s goal, as set out in the Koran, is to subjugate the world under a Grand Caliphate. Obama has said that in any dispute, he will take the side of Islam. I believe he plans to declare Martial Law prior to the 2014 elections and set a Muslim government and Sharia Law in place. To do this, he must subdue those of us who would resist. That’s why the Federal Government has been buying millions of bullets. Left wingers do your worst. I know the only response you have is obscenities and sexist comments.

  • ItsJo

    Good post Carolyne and I agree totally. Obama has Lied throughout his being in the public eye, and he has NO Allegiance to America, but ONLY to His Muslim Brotherhood/Saudi King/Islam. We that Have paid attention, do know he has something planned, and we need to Stay ahead of his agenda.
    If only those dopes in Congress cared MORE about our Republic’s survival than their own cushy jobs/perks/healthcare paid by taxpayers we could feel more that they are on OUR side, but sadly, they aren’t. Obama is More of a Dictator, than POTUS of ALL Americans-he is a fraud.

  • ItsJo

    BTW: This is why Obama is purging our military, as I guess they did NOT answer in the way he wanted them to- that they WOULD kill fellow Americans
    so he has gotten rid of them. General Paul Vallely (retired) has a site where he covers All this @ SUA “Stand Up America”….
    hope all posters will go to it, as he sums things up on Obama Very Well.

  • Mickey the Smickey

    The ONLY thing to do is: KICK HIM OUT OF THIS COUNTRY! He is not even a American citizen. Impeachment will not help because of the number of Democrats in the Senate. What we need is a march in Washington DC to DEMAND to kick him out!