12 Things On Obama’s Christmas List

Obama Tax Collector Christmas SC

Whether we admit it or not, we all wish Santa Claus were real and that our wishes could come true.  It would beat having to fight with shoppers at the mall for some item our wife says you have to bring home or not return at all if you can’t get it.  I’m sure there are things President Obama is wishing for.

1. The thing at the top of his list at the moment is a successful way for millions to be able to go on the Obamacare web site and purchase a medical care insurance policy.  It doesn’t matter that it will be a one-circus-tent-fits-all policy. If there aren’t enough healthy and young people footing the bill for the rest who will sign onto Obamacare, national health care won’t be possible because it will be too expensive and could be worse than its critics say it will be.  As long as most people don’t find out that it will lead to a one-payer system that will reduce the quality of care most people have and reserve the best doctors and hospitals for the rich who will pay cash, Obama will get the health system of his dreams that will be a nightmare for most Americans.

2. He is also dreaming that Democrats will take back the House and increase their numbers in the Senate.  With the threat of a filibuster destroyed in the Senate, one part of Obama’s scheme to control the government is in place.  All he needs now is total Democrat control of the Legislature and Executive Branch so that his plans can be rubber-stamped, and he will get his way.  He knows that if he can have a federal court system with Liberal judges, Progressive policies will be implemented; and his dream of this nation becoming an Obamanation will become a reality.

3. Another dream he may have is that his policies concerning global warming will be made law.  He is doing his best to shut down the coal industry and coal-fired power plants that supply much of our electricity.  Replacing coal, gas, oil, and nuclear power with alternative energy sources would be like exchanging the carriage horses in Central Park in New York City with starving poodles. We aren’t ready yet for the adoption of green energy as our main energy source.  Spain tried to go green, and the unemployment rate soared to over 20%.  Plasma technology would help our energy problems and decrease air pollution.  But he either doesn’t know about it; or he may think that since he didn’t come up with plasma technology and can’t take credit for it, why bother with it?

4. I’m sure he is wishing his poll numbers would rise, and that he could be as popular as he was when he entered the White House.  But the people know what type of man he is, and no amount of wishing can change the facts.  Only Obama and the press seem able to change the facts.  As I say so often, just because you don’t like the facts doesn’t mean the facts are wrong.  That’s why I’m sure he wishes that Fox News and Conservative talk radio were to disappear.  When you can control the truth, lies become public policy.

5. He may be wishing  he could control the minds of everyone in the nation.  If he could open the tops of every American he hasn’t been able to control and replace their brains with ones that have been Obamanized, things would go smoother.  There would be no protesters; and everything that is on the Internet, said on the radio, and reported on TV would be about how wonderful Obama is. (Oh, and those who oppose him must be racists who can be considered insane.) You can always win an argument when everyone sees things your way.  Since Obama hates having people disagree with him, a nation of compliant sheep would be a dream come true.

6. Speaking of having people see things his way, Obama might be wishing the world loved him.  He did receive the Nobel Peace Prize before he started killing terrorists with drones.  Surely, that should count for something.  He also went on his apology tour around the world to say he’s sorry that America has had a long history of being mean.  He probably wishes that Israel would just be “reasonable” and allow its neighbors to walk all over it.  Just because Obama and his State Department want to be nice to Israel’s enemies doesn’t mean he hates Israel.  They have won every war they have been involved in since their reemergence as a nation after nearly 19 centuries of nonexistence.  And just because God told the Jews that they would possess the gate of their enemy and expand all the way to the Euphrates River doesn’t mean they should count on all the nations of the world to agree with God.

There are many other things Obama may be wishing for. 

7. He might want the FCC to declare most of talk radio “hate speech” that must be shut down. 

8. His wish for fair and balanced TV coverage could be to have Fox News fire all its people who are “unfairly” attacking him and hire people to the left of him who want him to be more liberal. 
9. He may be wishing for solar panels to be on every roof, and windmills to be seen from coast to coast. 

10. He also may wish for an electric car to be in every garage that can be recharged by the solar panels on the roofs. 

11.He may wish that he and his wife could become the National Parents who can tell their 300 million “children”  what to do. 

12.He may also wish to have the two-term limit removed from the Constitution so he can be in the White House for many years more.

A problem with wishes is that they often can’t change reality.  But Obama may find a way to fulfill his wishes, even if they’re only in his mind.

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  • wildbill446

    Don’t doubt these wishes of his. I think some may become a reality. The Congress won’t stop him, in fact they show a lot of “fear” of him or they would have done something a long time ago.
    Every night, I can see him laughing himself to sleep after he tells Michelle what he did today and what he going to do tomorrow.