Don’t Underestimate China’s Power

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China has been described in many ways.  It has been called a sleeping dragon.  It has been called the Yellow Peril.  It has been shown in a bad light for centuries.  Movies have shown evil Chinese characters and gang members more than they have shown people like Charlie Chan, who is a stereotype since the role has been played by white men who seem to always spout Confucius in an attempt to show wisdom.   But no one should underestimate China’s power.  It has over three times more people than America, with a middle class larger than our entire population.  We owe China nearly $2 trillion.  We are also competing with China in many ways.  With their desire to fully possess some islands off its coast and the coasts of Japan and South Korea, we are getting a look at their military power, including a potential manpower of over 200 million soldiers.  Even the Bible mentions in the book of Revelation that the armies of the East will wage a 13-month war that will claim a third of the world’s population.  It will be mainly a ground war, evidently, since the Bible mentions a weapon that sounds like a tank that will be used extensively.   Also, there will be an army of 200 million.

China held the Olympics, which is an indication that it is a modern country equal in many ways to all the other developed countries.  It can also hack into many of our computer systems, which makes it a cyber threat.  It also likes to violate copyright laws, which makes it a commercial threat.  And since the government and people have enough wealth, they can buy up significant amounts of silver, gold, strategic metals, and oil to make them scarce for the rest of the world.  If the government in Beijing had friendlier ties with Moscow, the Chinese would purchase oil, platinum, and diamonds from the Russians and make that nation richer.

There are reasons to worry about the Chinese besides the predictions of the Third World War taking place in Asia.  America is not mentioned as an opponent of the Chinese, which could mean our military will someday be no match for the Chinese military.  Their navy may have a single aircraft carrier that doesn’t have planes aboard it yet.  But with many more people needing work in China than in America, if the government decides to militarize the nation to become the greatest military in the world, tens of millions of people could be put to work building ships, planes, tanks, and guns in more factories than we have to turn out weapons.  Since the next world war won’t use nuclear missiles but will be mainly a conventional war, I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese military to use nuclear-powered weapons systems.  If a Chinese aircraft carrier used charged particle beam weapons and the planes used my injection reactor and compression-field engines, the ship could destroy missiles, ships, subs, and planes while the planes could travel at hypersonic speed and even destroy targets in space.  A Chinese battleship or destroyer that used electromagnetic discharge guns could hit targets that are on the horizon in less than half a minute.  Tanks with injection reactors, electromagnetic discharge guns, and charged particle beam weapons would be maybe twice as long as an M-1 tank.  But they could slice them apart like a hunk of Swiss cheese.  And if the soldiers are able to wear fighting suits and wield discharge weapons and particle beam weapons, they would be nearly unstoppable.

If WW III doesn’t happen, the Chinese economy will make them the strongest nation in the world.  I know that there are economic experts who expect China to eventually come to the end of economic dominance.  I hope it doesn’t happen before my book THE BELT sells millions of copies over there since most of the characters look Chinese and are the type of people China would be proud to have as citizens.  But there is something there that could sustain the economy and make it even stronger.  It’s the Chinese people.  There are enough brilliant minds over there to bring China into a glorious future in which miners in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and in the Kuiper Belt can recover more minerals than what can be found in hundreds of earths.  Factories could turn out more items than what 1,000 factories could produce.  The Chinese Space Agency may develop technology that could send the Chinese to the stars after it establishes colonies on the moon, Mars, and throughout the solar system.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians and Americans will need China’s help in many areas before the turn of the 22nd century.

One of the big reasons why China may become the most powerful nation in the world during this century is because the government is totalitarian.  Obama was envious of China and how it achieved its goals without a Republican Congress to combat.   But there are some bright hopes that could alter the nation dramatically.  The middle class is powerful and likes the technology and entertainment of the West.  There are also more people attending churches in China than attend church regularly in this nation (and possibly Europe combined.)  If the people force the government to truly be a people’s republic, and God blesses the nation, America will quickly be replaced by China as the greatest nation in the world.  If China were to demand repayment of what it has invested in America, our economy would collapse, and China would soar to the top.  If Obama gets his way, and our military is reduced in power, China may be allowed to be the most powerful military in the world sooner than expected.  That would make a WW III, fought and won by the Chinese, more inevitable.

If a nation of over 1.3 billion people is determined to get its way, get out of the way, or you will be crushed.


Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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