Man Shoots and Pistol-Whips Knockout Thugs?

Photo credit: The Knowles Gallery (Creative Commons)

A “knockout game” vigilante may have decided to dispense justice upon young blacks who believe it is fun to beat up unsuspecting whites.

For obvious (PC) reasons, the “mainstream” media has decided to ignore nationwide “knockout game” assaults by black thugs upon innocent white victims. But early on Thanksgiving morning, 3 black males in their twenties reportedly stalked a prospective white victim, following him into an alley in New York’s Bronx. To the shock of the young “men” who believed they had an easy mark, the white man, described as being in his 60′s, pulled out a .45. He shot two of his attackers and pistol-whipped the third!

According to an article describing this event, “Police fear a vigilante may be on the loose, intentionally inviting wayward youth into playing the new ‘knock out’ game for the intent purposes of maiming, or perhaps even killing them.”

Inviting wayward youth??” Wayward youth? Sounds like a description of a 10-year-old stealing an apple from a fruit stand!

This story was first reported by the Liberty Digest blog and has since gone viral across the web. Most blogs that have carried the story admit that they have not been able to confirm its validity!

If true, it’s possible that a vigilante has indeed decided to take part in the Knockout Game. If a figment of someone’s imagination, the story may be a warning to black thugs that they had better find other ways to amuse themselves lest they one day become the targets rather than the attackers.


Photo credit: The Knowles Gallery (Creative Commons)

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  • wildbill446

    Well at last some one took the high road. We need more of these type citizens to stand up and be counted, the police and the media won’t do anything to stop it. Now that it’s run by a Liberal.