Video: WATCH Obama’s Illegal Kenyan Uncle Gets Amnesty

A federal immigration judge ruled Tuesday that Barack Obama’s uncle, Onyango “Omar” Obama, may remain in the United States…

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3 comments to Video: WATCH Obama’s Illegal Kenyan Uncle Gets Amnesty

  • wildbill446

    If he has lived here in the U.S. why didn’t he make an effort for citizenship? Is he that ignorant or just waiting for his nephew to clear it for him?

  • danstewart

    Offer him a few thousand to spill the beans about barry, he would probably go for it.

  • dh

    It was necessary to give him amnesty or he would rat on Barry Soetoro, his fake half-brother.It is highly unlikely that Barry Soetoro is related to the Obama family; there isn’t any family resemblance.

    Take a good look at Frank Marshall Davis, the man that took many nude photos of Barry’s mother.

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