Video: Hearing Exposes Obama As A Dictator

During a recent Congressional Hearing on Executive Authority, Congress provides clear evidence that Barack Hussein Obama has assumed the role of a Dictator…

5 comments to Video: Hearing Exposes Obama As A Dictator

  • Elaine

    We knew it….it is about time it is now clear! He is a Dictator!

  • wildbill446

    How do we call him? as “Your highness”, or as “Dick”, how about “Emperor”

  • blauglas

    Americans (that leaves-out the fraud-impostor-marxist-socialist-FAG-muslime-saboteur-destructor of OUR Country [it is NOT obummers]-liar-dictator-in-cheef occupying OUR White House): ever notice that ANY dissent or criticism of the obummer BADministration is met with financial and political clubbing of the individual expressing 1st Amendment RIGHTS, despite the dictatorial violations of American citizens’ [obummer is NOT an American citizen] God-given rights [not by the heathen “allah”] per the muslime obummer !!!! We need to se the following: obummer is hauled-out on a rail as an impostor-saboteur of OUR Country, NO US govt pension from either “senate” or “wh” bogus tenures, NOT a US “prez” but an impostor, not eligible for US legacy NOR pension, banished as exile to a desert island of unknown location, NO legacy in US history {e.g., the US presidents will list as “41, 42, 43, 45…” as the Egyptians “chiseled-out any likenesses or names” of “dis-favored” individuals that considered themselves as “self-proclaimed-saviors”. obummer: BEGONE !!

  • gouchr

    They don’t have the balls, because this SPOOK’s people will kill you and your family, The congressmen are afraid of this P O S humanoid