Children Under 2 Abandoned By Obamacare Exchanges

Photo credit: dermodymn (Creative Commons)

Self-employed businessman Cornelius Kelly and his pediatrician wife Jennifer are two of the approximately 5 million Americans to have had a perfectly acceptable health insurance plan cancelled, thanks to ObamaCare.

When Kelly browsed New York’s ObamaCare exchange for a replacement family plan, he discovered, to his astonishment,  that “…none of the plans would include the youngest member of his family who, according to a[n exchange] representative, until her second birthday would have to have a separate insurance policy of her own.” Kelly, his wife, and children aged 3, 5, and 6 could obtain an ObamaCare Family Plan priced between $800 and $2500 per month. BUT the 18 month old baby would have to have her OWN health insurance policy, priced from $117 to $360 a month! Three different people at New York’s ObamaCare exchange told Kelly exactly the same thing: Under 2? TOO BAD!

Fortunately, the Kellys found a private plan that would accommodate ALL members of the family for $1250/month, approximately $250 more than their terminated policy.

And now for the “kicker!” Author of this December 2nd story, Jeannie DeAngelis, added an update which reads:

It was only after The Post called the state Health Department that Kelly said he got a call from a department representative telling him it had all been a mistake, and the baby could be covered after all under a family plan.

The department would not comment on the specifics of Kelly’s situation or why it told the family three times that the baby wasn’t covered. It would only say, “All children in the family are covered under a family policy. A separate policy is not needed for the 1 1/2 year old child.

Could it be that ObamaCare officials decided to change their “under 2″ policy in response to the interest expressed by a member of the New York media? A better question might be: Is ANYTHING more corrupt than the workings of ObamaCare?


Photo credit: dermodymn (Creative Commons)

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