Video: Cheney: Prez Lied to Pass ObamaCare

Dick Cheney was on Fox talking about his new book and 5 heart attacks. He said that Obama deliberately lied about “keeping your doctor and your policy if you like it” to pass ObamaCare into law. If Americans had known the truth, it never would have passed.

3 comments to Video: Cheney: Prez Lied to Pass ObamaCare

  • stevor

    so, one Satanic person says that another Satanic person lied.
    Cheney was in bed with the Saudis who put o’bama into Harvard, so they’re all brothers under the skin.
    It’s like the democraps complaining about the GOP but BOTH are owned by the puppeteers of the world and it’s all a show to get sheeple to not pay attention to both Cheney and o’bama as how they’re working for a fascist Satanic New World Order

  • ItsJo

    Of Course Obama lied, he LIES CONSTANTLY. Thus, lying to PASS something like this, and push it through Congress-who had NO TIME to even read this fiasco, should be the result of REMOVAL of that “Law of the Land” that DemoThugs like to call it. He would ALSO have lied to SCOTUS, who passed it further, onto the American People. Built on the LIES, this should be removed from American’s Backs, as it was “FRAUDULANT IN THE FIRST PLACE”

  • ItsJo

    BTW: If ANY business did this to the American people-THEY would be prosecuted, as THIS, was clearly the “Old Bait and Switch”, that Obama pulled AGAINST the American People. It doesn’t matter that some Web Site is NOT operating,(that was awarded to Michelle’s Princeton Pal with NO BIDS being taken otherwise-and No One is reporting that fact) this was a LIE in the first place, and THAT is what should be reported by ALL Media.