Video: CNN Guest: Its OK For Obama To Lie To Us

We’ve heard of “The New Normal”…well, here’s an introduction to “The New Logic”. L.Z. Granderson lays out the case that certain politicians can lie to us.

4 comments to Video: CNN Guest: Its OK For Obama To Lie To Us

  • Joe G

    That’s the people’s attitude that drove Detroit to bankruptcy and is destroying every other city that is governed by the progressive crowd.

  • ItsJo

    Dopes like this guy are REALLY just mere “Obama Bootlickers”…whatever HE LIES ABOUT IS OK? When a POTUS LIES to the American People, that would be grounds for impeachment….does this guy remember Bill Clinton and HIS LIES? They Always look the “Other Way, to excuse Obama, the Liar”

  • wildbill446

    What do you expect from black man defending his “Saint/Savior”. He mixes it up by saying “every politician” to justify it.

  • artinthewild

    If Rand Paul, or Ben Carson – Tom Coburn, said something – I would go to the bank on that. People who have integrity do not lie – even if they are a politician…..