Video: Harvard Bio: Obama “Born in Kenya”

1991 Harvard Law Review BIO claims Obama born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia.

5 comments to Video: Harvard Bio: Obama “Born in Kenya”

  • Joe G

    There seems to be a lot of evidence that B.O.’s birth certificate put on display by the White House is a fraud. His social security number has been questioned because the number was issued to a state he never lived. His draft registration appears to be a fraud and the draft board records have been destroyed. Then to top it off, all of his personal records have been sealed or lost. Something just doesn’t seem right about the whole situation. I do believe that the truth will eventually be known.

  • Phyllis

    The media will just ignore it. Even Fox News. They’re all afraid of ending up like Breitbart and the gay choir boys at Wright’s church who were Barry’s lovers.

  • Cami

    All D.C. knows Obama isn’t a natural born citizen, and probably an illegal alien. One of the problems is, all three branches of government wanted to change our Constitution, Amending would take too long even if was ratified and that would be doubtful. Obama was the perfect vehicle to change the Constitution. We need to clean Washington out completely, except for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee.

  • Mickey the Smickey

    There are many documentations of his misdeeds. So far… LETS GET ON WITH IT!

  • dh

    There are a number of problems getting rid of Obama even though there is no question he is illegally in the white house; his second term by voter fraud alone; and it’s highly unlikely that his father is Obama SR. Obama is nothing more than a few rich-men’s puppet.

    Obama has enough judges in his pocket that want the poser and the money to prevent judicial extraction. Everyone must remember that judges are overpaid liberal government employees, x-attorneys that couldn’t make it as a private sector lawyer.

    The only sure way to expel Obama is by having a conservative veto proof house and senate; which also means no RINOS.

    It is possible in the 2014 elections, but the odds are not too good. The masses of the people live in the coastal cities, mostly liberal democrats, giving those states most congressional representatives.

    Just look at California, the voters RE-ELECTED the most corrupt, power hungry, bankrupting big spender governor in the states history; re-elected by the liberal voters in the bay area, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, and the tens of millions of TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED illegal aliens.

    Unless the dislike for ObamaNOcare and illegal immigration changes enough liberal votes odds are STILL in Obama’s power hungry favor.